IBM Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA)

Turn unformatted or simply formatted
EBCDIC or ASCII line data into versatile, AFP™ electronic documents.

Save the time and expense of changing application programs in order to enhance formatting of application output intended for printing on AFP/IPDS™ printers. Simple EBCDIC or ASCII line data can be flexibly re-formatted using the capabilities of PPFA.

Where more flexible, dynamic documents are required, advanced PPFA formatting capabilities, including floating record formats, unformatted records with identifying headers, invocation of images, overlays and graphics using variable names in the application, and special page layout functions for XML data can be used.


  • Enables creation of Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP) printing resources called page definitions and form definitions.
  • Helps to solve the challenge of formatting and printing complex documents such as utility invoices, financial statements and manufacturing bills of materials without making program changes.
  • Supports a wide variety of formatting capabilities for line data, unformatted print records, unformatted records with identifying headers, native AFP (MO:DCA) documents, and application output containing XML data.
  • Enables printing of multiple "logical" pages on a single physical printer form.
  • Supports many bar code symbologies, including two dimensional (2D) symbologies such as PDF417, Data Matrix, Maxicode and QR Code.
  • Form definitions support a wide variety of finishing options, including standard interfaces to post-processing equipment.

*PPFA is an optional feature of Infoprint® Manager V4.2 for AIX 5L™ and Infoprint Manager for Windows®.

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