Fonts and font tools that extend document flexibility

Enhance the readability of your documents and make them clear, organized and accessible. Skillful use of fonts in typography can dramatically improve the readability and effectiveness of your documents.

Gain multi-language support, editing capability and an improved graphical user interface (GUI) with IBM Infoprint® Fonts. IBM Infoprint Fonts provide fonts that can be used by most Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) products. Infoprint Fonts WorldType Fonts provide Unicode printing within AFP data.


  • TrueType and OpenType fonts and tools support printing of Unicode data
  • Provides fonts for printing at higher resolution using outlines
  • Provides a comprehensive selection of AFP fonts for more effective, competitive documents
  • Provides AFP font support for more than 50 languages, including double-byte (DBCS) languages
  • Type Transformer feature converts Type I, CID-keyed and TrueType fonts to AFP

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