Features and benefits
Feature Benefits
Font flexibility.
  • The tools that accompany Infoprint® Fonts offer flexibility in viewing or manipulating fonts.
  • Resolution-independent outline fonts require no conversion as printer resolutions increase. Also, they require only a small amount of storage space.
  • You can download additional fonts easily.
Versatile formatting.
  • Type Transformer and Utilities for Windows® is an optional feature.
  • It enables you to create new fonts or make changes to existing fonts.
  • Type Transformer and Utilities for Windows includes all of the fonts in Infoprint Fonts in Adobe® Type 1 or CID-keyed outline format.
  • The FontLab utility helps you design custom fonts using Type 1 or TrueType outlines.
  • The Type Transformer utility lets you edit font code pages and coded fonts, then upload them to host systems.
Enhanced presentation. Infoprint Fonts contains WorldType fonts and font tools to enable printing Unicode-encoded data and AFP™ fonts from several popular type families including Times New Roman, Helvetica and Courier.
Rich font functionality. Extend your business reach:
  • Euro support for Eastern European and Asia Pacific languages
  • SAP support for Asia Pacific languages
  • GB 18030 support for China
  • JIS X0213 support for Japan

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