IBM Infoprint® Fonts provides fonts that can be used by most Advanced Function Presentation™ products. Infoprint Fonts WorldType Fonts provide Unicode printing within AFP™ data. Skillful use of fonts in typography can dramatically improve the readability and effectiveness of your documents.

Enhanced presentation

Effective use of typography, the visual language of words, can greatly enhance the readability of a document and make printed information clear, organized and accessible. Infoprint Fonts contains WorldType fonts and font tools to enable printing Unicode-encoded data and AFP fonts from several popular type families, including Times New Roman, Helvetica and Courier. WorldType fonts and font tools to enable printing Unicode-encoded data. These fonts are supplied in outline format for WYSIWYG viewing, and for newer high-resolution IBM AFP printers (600 dpi).

Font flexibility

The tools that accompany Infoprint Fonts offer flexibility in viewing or manipulating fonts. Resolution-independent outline fonts require no conversions as printer resolutions increase, and they require only a small amount of storage space. You can download additional fonts easily.

Versatile formatting

Type Transformer and Utilities, an optional feature of IBM Infoprint Fonts for Multiplatforms (5648-E77), enables you to create new fonts or make changes to existing fonts. Type Transformer and Utilities for Windows® includes all of the fonts in Infoprint Fonts in Adobe® Type 1 or CID-keyed outline format, Type Transformer and FontLab, a utility that helps design custom fonts using Type 1 or TrueType outlines. There are also utilities to edit font code pages and coded fonts. The Font Installer lets you make your TrueType Font resources available for use on any platform from which you drive AFP/IPDS™ printers using Infoprint Manager, or PSF™ for z/OS®.

IBM Service and Support

IBM is the expert in AFP printing and information presentation. This includes unparalleled hardware service, expert technical support, and print and presentation services. Look to IBM to help you deliver the output of e-business.

At a glance

AFP™ fonts

Support for more than 50 languages. Includes the following:

  • Type 1 Typefaces: Times New Roman, Helvetica, Courier, APL, OCR A & B, Prestige, Letter Gothic, Gothic Text, Boldface, Gothic Katakana.
  • CID-Keyed Typefaces: Japanese: Heisei Kaku Gothic, Heisei Maru Gothic, Heisei Mincho. Korean: Gothic, Myengjo. Simplified Chinese: Fang Song, Hei, Kai, Song. Traditional Chinese: Kai, Sung.

WorldType fonts

Support Unicode encoded glyphs for almost every language in the world. Includes the following: Monotype Sans WT, Monotype Sans Duospace WT, Thorndale Duospace WT, Times New Roman WT.

Font tools


  • Font Installer for TrueType/OpenType fonts
  • Type Transformer
  • FontLab
  • Code page and coded font editor
  • AFP Font Editor
  • User Defined Character Generation Tool

Raster font information

IBM continues to market raster fonts in 240 and 300 dpi resolutions through the IBM AFP Font Collection for those customers using legacy printers or applications that are dependent upon rasters.

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