If you are interested in IBM Infoprint® Fonts, you might also consider these complementary IBM products.

Products have been categorized by their platforms. For those products used on multiple platforms, refer to the first section below.

Multiplatform software

AFP Font Collection
The IBM AFP™ Font Collection provides fonts that can be used by most Advanced Function Presentation™ products. Skillful use of fonts in typography can dramatically improve the readability and effectiveness of your documents.

IBM continues to market raster fonts in 240 and 300 dpi resolutions through the IBM AFP Font Collection for those customers using legacy printers or applications that are dependent upon rasters.

Note: AFP Font Collection provides nearly identical fonts as Infoprint Fonts. In the IBM iSeries environment, AFP Font Collection is shipped with PSF/400.

Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA)
Save the time and expense of changing application programs, use PPFA to turn unformatted or simply formatted EBCDIC or ASCII line data into versatile, AFP electronic documents. Where more flexible, dynamic documents are required, advanced PPFA formatting capabilities and special page layout functions for XML data can be used.


iSeries software

Infoprint Designer for iSeries
Re-engineer your business documents to take advantage of e-business output without changing your applications. Infoprint Designer helps you meet the requirements of a competitive business environment with fully electronic documents that combine data, text, fonts, electronic forms, graphics, images and more.

Infoprint Server for iSeries
An integral part of the core iSeries output architecture, IBM Infoprint Server enables both the hardcopy and electronic distribution of documents and reports, helping to improve reliability, increase throughput and reduce overall output costs.

Print Services Facility for OS/400
An integrated feature of OS/400®, Print Services Facility™/400 (PSF/400) manages the delivery of iSeries output, enabling each page to be printed completely with full error recovery.

iSeries Access
iSeries Access provides desktop, browser, and wireless access to your iSeries servers.


zSeries software

AFP Toolbox
AFP™ Toolbox allows you to update your print applications to take full advantage of new printer technologies such as color, image, and electronic forms in a systems-managed print environment.

Print Services Facility (PSF) for OS/390
The zSeries platform and z/OS and OS/390® operating systems deliver unparalleled levels of availability, scalability, security and integration. Because it includes a native UNIX® environment (UNIX System Services) it can also host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications such as SAP R/3.

Overlay Generation Language (OGL)
Create electronic forms for use with professional, high-value customer documents, including utility invoices, financial statements and manufacturing bills of materials.


pSeries software

Infoprint Manager V4.2 for AIX 5L
At the core of an enterprise workflow solution, IBM Infoprint Manager V4.2 for AIX 5L™ provides greater output management flexibility with support for a wide range of hardware devices, data types and graphic files.


xSeries software

Infoprint Manager for Windows
Part of an enterprise workflow backbone, IBM Infoprint Manager for Windows provides centralized control of your output infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

iSeries Access for Windows
Delivers TCP/IP connectivity to users running a variety of Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.


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