IBM Document Composition Facility (DCF)

If you are interested in IBM Document Composition Facility, you might also consider these complementary IBM products.


IBM AFP™ Font Collection
Enhance the readability of your documents and help make them clear, organized and accessible.

  • Provides outline fonts for printing at 240 or 300 dpi, or higher resolutions using outlines
  • Supports 50 languages, including double-byte (DBCS) languages

IBM Infoprint® Fonts
Standardize your printing and presentation environments on a single font technology using the WorldType fonts provided in Infoprint Fonts for z/OS.

  • TrueType and OpenType fonts and tools support printing of Unicode data
  • Provides fonts for printing at higher resolution using outlines
  • Provides a comprehensive selection of AFP fonts for more effective, competitive documents

z/OS Font Collection
z/OS Font Collection, a base element of z/OS Version 2 Release 1, contains a comprehensive set of fonts that replaces the fonts from these IBM products:

  • AFP outline fonts from Infoprint Fonts
  • AFP raster fonts from AFP Font Collection
  • WorldType fonts (TrueType and OpenType fonts) from IBM Infoprint Fonts for Multiplatforms z/OS Font Collection also includes:
    • A complete set of IBM Expanded Core fonts
    • A set of legacy Math, PI, and Sonoran 240 pel raster fonts
    • Compatibility fonts, which are also a feature of PSF for z/OS

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