Language Environment Enhancements for OS/390 & VM V2R8


Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) Improvements

  • New RAS Item

    The addition of the version, release, and modification levels to the Language Environment Storage and Options Report will aid you in troubleshooting, thus improving serviceability.

  • Debugging Support

    Greater debugging support will be provided through detecting and externalizing multiple enclaves within the run-time option POSIX(ON) in a Language Environment process.

  • Run-Time Options Support

    An additional suboption will be added on the MSGFILE run-time option to inform Language Environment to serialize the message file using ENQ/DEQ services. You will be able to avoid conflicts while writing to the shared MSGFILE destination by using the ENQ suboption for each MSGFILE destination that will be shared.

  • Porting Simplifications

    Libascii has been placed into the base of OS/390 Language Environment. This will simplify the porting of ASCII-based UNIX applications to OS/390. Previously, libascii support was only available from the Web. This enhancement will provide ASCII translation support to C/C++ applications. Native support of sprintf() and vsprintf() functions will improve your performance in ASCII-based UNIX applications.

  • Language Environment Support for Unicode through UTF-8

    Interoperability of UTF-8 (ASCII) and Unicode (EBCDIC) data will be supported through data converters to and from UTF-8 and UCS-2. More applications can access the data.


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