Language Environment Enhancements for OS/390 & VM V2R6


  • Language Environment Performance

    • HEAPPOOLS is a Language Environment run-time option that enables the use of a new heap storage management algorithm. This algorithm not only has a shorter path length for most storage requests, but also virtually eliminates contention for storage latches in a multi-threaded environment. These two features can significantly help improve the performance of applications that use heap storage.
    • Currently, only C/C++ applications that use malloc(), calloc(), realloc(), and free() can take advantage of this algorithm. Multi-threaded C/C++ applications and C/C++ applications, that extensively use malloc() and free(), are the target for this performance enhancement.

      Note: C++ operator new and operator delete also use the algorithm if the application is re-bound after the applicable service is applied.

    • Users are able to filter out informational messages from the MSGFILE using the new run-time option, INFOMSGFILTER. This benefits users who are migrating their application programs to run under Language Environment. This function reduces the number of messages received and improves performance.

    • Various enhancements are made to improve the overall performance of Language Environment. These enhancements include path length reductions for fopen(), fclose(), stcoll(), wcscoll(), fork(), exec(), spawn(), bcopy(), sprintf(), and vsprntf().

  • Language Environment Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability

    • Various enhancements are made to IPCS and CEEDUMP formatting to better enable complete first failure data capture. Updated 408x abend messages include additional failure data. Also, you have the option to suppress Language Environment informational messages and have CEEDUMPs written to a user-specified directory.

    • Application programmers receive assistance in debugging their application programs through _CEE_DMPTARG. This new environment variable determines the location of CEEDUMP.

    • The default values for CBLQDA, DEBUG, and ERRCOUNT run-time options have been changed. CBLQDA has been changed from ON to OFF, DEBUG has been changed from ON to OFF, and ERRCOUNT has been changed from 20 to 0.

    • A new suboption, SPIE|NOSPIE, was added to the TRAP run-time option.

You can also view the SHARE presentation for an additional overview of the enhancements for Language Environment for OS/390 Version 2 Release 6.
Note: The presentation is in a pdf format.

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