What's new in Language Environment for z/OS Version 1 Release 4


For z/OS Version 1 Release 4, Language Environment provides the following:

  • Support of Debug Tool for DB2 Stored Procedures

    Language Environment is enhanced to significantly improve debugging of DB2 stored procedures, regardless of language. Two new debugger event codes are provided for DB2 and the Debug Tool to debug the stored procedure repeatedly without having to recycle the stored procedure (SP) address.

  • CICS trace of an application domain

    A new CICS trace allows users to monitor and determine the activity of a CICS transaction. This gives users the ability to trace key events in Language Environment while running CICS transactions. Every time CICS calls Language Environment, the feature trace is activated under the Extended Run-Time Library Interface (ERTLI). The CICS trace requires AP level 2 tracing to be active. By activating the feature trace records, trace points are added at strategic points.

  • Enhanced pthread_quiesce_and_get_np()

    Enhancements are made within pthread_quiesce_and_get_np() to improve reliability and performance.

What's New in C/C++ for z/OS Version 1 Release 4

This run-time library is shipped with Language Environment. For z/OS Version 1 Release 4, the C/C++ run-time library includes the following enhancements:

  • IPv6

    Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is the base technology of the next generation Internet. z/OS provides IPv6 support in V1R4. Language Environment provides support for Communications Server through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the C/C++ run-time library provides enhanced functions.

    Language Environment headers are also updated to meet IPv6 standards. z/OS UNIX support is also provided.

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certificate Support

    The __certificate() function is updated to allow authentication of digital certificates. This enables better password support for File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

  • iconv() support for code page IBM-5488

    Support has been added to allow conversions with code page IBM-5488.

  • G11N White Paper Currency Support

    This support provides additional country support by locales.

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