What's new in Language Environment for z/OS Version 1 Release 3

For z/OS Version 1 Release 3, Language Environment provides the following:

  • z/OS.e

    z/OS.e is a version of the z/OS operating system intended to help you exploit the fast-growing world of next-generation workloads. Language Environment adds new messages that may be issued when errors occur in the z/OS.e environment.

    Restrictions: The following restrictions apply to z/OS.e:

    • The following compilers are not licensed for use on z/OS.e:
      • COBOL
      • PL/I
      • FORTRAN
    • The following subsystems are not licensed for use on z/OS.e:
      • CICS
      • IMS
    • Execution of applications written in the following languages is not functionally supported on z/OS.e:
      • COBOL (except for precompiled COBOL DB2 stored procedures and other precompiled COBOL applications using the Language Environment preinitialization interface
      • FORTRAN
    • The following are not functional and/or not licensed for use on z/OS.e:
      • Language Environment Library Routine Retention (LRR)
      • Language Environment compatibility preinitialization for C and PL/I
      • Run-time library services (RTLS)
    • Customers are not permitted to use lower levels of Language Environment on z/OS.e.

    Customers will be able to run pre-compiled PL/I programs in z/OS.e. They will not be able to compile PL/I programs in z/OS.e.

  • z/OS Managed System Infrastructure for Setup

    z/OS msys for Setup provides a set of functions and services to simplify system management. Specifically for Language Environment in z/OS Version 1 Release 3, setup is simplified for:

    • BATCH and CICS default options settings, by customizing a ++USERMOD.
    • Region-wide run-time options for CICS and IMS, by running an Assembler job.
  • BiDi layout transformation function and utility

    As an extension to the BiDi layout services provided in z/OS Version 1 Release 2, this provides C/C++ support to perform code page conversion or BiDi layout transformation of a text string in one step. For more information, see z/OS C/C++ Programming Guide.

  • Access Control List (ACL) support

    ACL support provides security support for z/OS UNIX users.

  • OMVS outage avoidance

    OMVS outage avoidance provides the capability to IPL z/OS UNIX without bringing down the z/OS system, which allows for more timely debugging of z/OS UNIX.

  • Language Environment preinitialization services (CEEPIPI)

    Enhancements have been made to Language Environment preinitialization services (CEEPIPI) to support XPLINK.

  • Vendor heap manager

    This enables vendors to provide an alternate user heap manager for z/OS UNIX applications that can detect memory leaks or storage damage beyond what is already provided in Language Environment.

  • Thread-specific data performance enhancements

    This optimizes the C/C++ pthread_getspecific() function to obtain peak performance in the z/OS UNIX environment.

  • Euro code page support

    Support is extended for code pages currently supported within z/OS that have not yet been updated for Euro symbol support.


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