Language Environment Enhancements for OS/390 & VM V1R3


  • Language Environment FMID Reduction

    Language Environment used to have 19 FMIDs, but that number has been reduced to 5. If you install using the OS/390 CBPDO method of installation, then you will notice the difference.


    APARs PQ06598 and PQ12064 provide support for EXEC CICS ABEND NODUMP.


    The following APARs provide EXEC CICS LINK relief:

    • PQ14883 and PQ16794
    • PQ1488 and PQ16844 (CICS4.1)
    • PQ17931


    CEEWUCHA is a sample user condition handler that you can use to alter the default behavior of Language Environment. The default behavior will be similar to VS COBOL II.

  • COBOL DISPLAY Limitation Increase

    The limit on COBOL DISPLAY data was increased from 16K to 64K (PN90478). The limit was increased further with APARs PQ06948 and PQ04447. With these APARs applied, the Language Environment COBOL DISPLAY module allows strings longer than 65535 to be displayed, however, the size is limited by the the size of available storage.

  • Solution for Language Environment Slash (/) Problem

    The trailing slash problem is only evident when CBLOPTS=ON. APAR PN92353 corrects the problem of the trailing slash (/).

  • HEAPCHK Run-Time Option Added

    A new run-time option, HEAPCHK, allows users to perform additional HEAP checking.

  • IPCS Support

    A new IPCS DUMP formatter has been added for system dumps

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