z/OS - XL C/C++ Run-Time Library Reference: Man Pages

Man pages are meant for use from the z/OS UNIX shell. This will provide information about the library functions documented within the XL C/C++ Run-Time Library Reference. This is only being provided for for the 'C' POSIX locale. Change bars are not available.

These pages can only be referenced by man if they are installed within a user's MANPATH. /usr/man/C is suggested.

To install them unwind manpgs.R9.pax.Z or manpgs.R10.pax.Z at the desired location. It will place all of the man pages within directory cat3. The final size is approximately 6.5 MB for R9 and 1.5 MB for R10.

For example, to display information about printf(), type man 3 printf from the shell.

To install the XL C/C++ Run-Time man pages:

  1. Download the file to your PC
  2. ftp the file to the z/OS host in binary
  3. Verify the new pages are not already installed by searching for one of the new files, like cos, issue z/OS UNIX command man -w cos
    • This will search MANPATH for the cos help file (you should get a message stating: No manual entry for "cos". ). This indicates the new pages were not installed yet, so you can proceed
  4. cd /usr/man/C
  5. Ensure the file system is in R/W mode (issue the z/OS UNIX command df -kPv /usr/man/C)
  6. pax -rzv -pp -f /path/to/manpgs.R9.pax.Z (or /manpgs.R10.pax.Z)
  7. Issue man -w cos
    • man should find the file in /usr/man/C/cat3/cos.3
  8. Place the filesystem back in R/O mode if necessary

Downloading through your browser

In most cases, a package can be downloaded simply by clicking on the package name. If you are prompted whether to "open" or "save" the file, select "save".

Should you have problems downloading a package by clicking on the link, most browsers provide an option that allow you to specifically download the link. Following are the procedures for Mozilla and Internet Explorer.


  1. Right-click on the package name link. A pop-up menu should appear.
  2. Select "Save link as..."

Internet Explorer

  1. Right-click on the package name link. A pop-up menu should appear.
  2. Select "Save target as..."






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