JES2 spool migration - $MSPOOL, $MSPL

A JES2 spool migration moves an existing JES2 spool volume (an extent or data set) to a new spool volume, or merges an existing volume with another existing spool volume.

The following resources provide information to help you migrate spool volumes:

Spool migration FAQ

Spool migration frequently asked questions [PDF-0.23 MB]

z/OS V1R13 JES2 Migrating spool volumes documentation

JES2 Infocenter [HTML]

APARs Required to Run SPOOL Migration

Review the following APARs and the prerequisit PTF list in each APAR's web page to identify service required to run SPOOL Migration

  • Enablement APAR OA36158 [HTML]
  • z/OS Release 1.13 Compatibility APAR OA31806 [HTML]

SHARE presentations on JES2 spool migration

  • JES2 Product Update - SHARE, August 2011:  
    • Overview of JES2 function added in z/OS V1.13 [PDF-0.93MB]
  • z/OS 1.13 JES2 New Functions, Features, and Migration Actions - SHARE, August 2011 
    • Technical details of the changes made in z/OS 1.13 JES2 [PDF - 0.73MB]
  • SHARE conference (Scheduled March 15, 2012)
    • JES2 SPOOL: Defining, Managing, and Updating [HTML]

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