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Note 1:LookAt is being sunset with the announcement of the new version of z/OS (V2R1). Knowledge Centers will gradually take over the function of all search in technical documentation.
You can continue to access older releases (prior to V2R1) of messages here as-is. Neither the site nor the content will continue to be updated.
Note 2:Platform selections below also include any IBM application software messages enabled for LookAt. You can either enter the full message ID or you can use a wildcard such as the asterisk "*" to perform a fuzzy search.
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Or, to view messages in IBM books that have not been enabled for LookAt, select an area to search using BookManager®:
  APAR and ++HOLD Docs    
DOCAPARS can now be searched from the following link:


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  • Do you want to know which books are enabled for LookAt? To display a list of the books that are currently enabled for LookAt, click List Books.
  • Host LookAt users: do you need to download LookAt code for TSO/E and Windows? To download LookAt code that will run on either platform, click Download.
    NOTE: If you click on the Download link, you will see that it is divided by operating systems for which LookAt has IND and DIR files for messages. If you drill down on any given operating system, you will find the deliverables for TSO and Windows.
  • Do you have a comment, suggestion, or complaint about LookAt? Your feedback is important to us. To report a problem with LookAt, ask a question, or share an idea, click Feedback. You can also tell us what you like or dislike about LookAt.
  • Do you need help using LookAt? To get instructions to help you enter messages correctly, click Help.
  • Do you want to know what's new in LookAt? To get the latest news about important changes to LookAt, click What's New.
  • Do you have a hand-held wireless PDA? Do you need to use it to look up messages? Put message explanations in the palm of your hand, click LookAt Mobile Edition.

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