Are you building data lakes to gain insight from multiple sets of data?

These data lakes quickly become data swamps. Enterprises need to develop insights from high value, highly sensitive, operational data and data from virtually any other source — without any of the data leaving the system of origin. There is a better way.

Meet IBM z/OS Platform for Apache Spark

This enterprise-grade, native z/OS distribution of the Apache Spark in-memory analytics engine is coupled with optimized data access and abstraction services.

Designed to simplify the analysis of big data, it provides developers and data scientists with the ability to combine the benefits of Apache Spark with the advantage of analyzing business-critical z/OS data in place — with no data movement.

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See the benefits

Simplify data access

Reduce data access complexity with seamless Spark access to enterprise data.

Speed development

Take advantage of your expertise with popular programming languages such as Scala, Python, and SQL.

Accelerate results

Use in-memory processing for fast results. Apply a range of analytics including machine learning, iterative, streams and batch.

Only on IBM z Systems: Analyze all of your enterprise data in place

Avoid latency, costly processing and security concerns associated with data movement. Optimized data abstraction services enable efficient access to a broad set of structured and unstructured data sources – in place. These services allow analytic applications deployed on z/OS to take advantage of standard Spark APIs to analyze data without requiring that data to be copied first; for example, access traditional z/OS data sources such as VSAM or SMF with SparkSQL.

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