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To thrive despite intense competition, Banca Carige wanted to develop a customer-centric approach to service delivery, but it first needed to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and desires.

“In banking, trust is crucial, so whenever we launch new services, the challenge is always to ensure that the underlying data and transactions are secure and reliable. We needed a robust and trustworthy platform for our new analytics and mobile capabilities.” — Daniele Cericola, ICT Governance Manager, Banca Carige.


Banca Carige built an analytics environment and a new mobile banking service using IBM software on IBM zEnterprise EC12 mainframes, which provide round-the-clock availability and high security.

To replace the existing proprietary front-end [of Banca Carige’s new mobile application], Banca Carige selected IBM Worklight Server on Linux on zEnterprise as a single solution for managing everything related to customer interaction, from mobile functionality to the supporting infrastructure.


Launching new services meets changing customer demands, while the proven underlying technology accelerates deployment and reduces risk; consolidating to a single platform cuts cost and complexity.

“Running our mobile banking service on Linux on zEnterprise is another step forward in our continual evolution on the mainframe. The key value for our business is that the most important services can be managed together on a consistent, stable and highly secure platform that offers enormous scalability and performance.” — Daniele Cericola.

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