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Keeping up with changing demands. Electronic payment provider ABK was experiencing rapid business growth. To maintain its excellent service levels, the company needed to find ways to serve its customers more efficiently with its existing resources.

Armin Gerhardt, CEO at ABK Systeme, explains: “We want to be ahead and always support the latest innovations in the market. To stay at the forefront of our industry, we need to adapt fast to new trends and technologies.”


Reducing complexity. ABK decided to supplement its existing platform for international SWIFT payments with IBM Financial Transaction Manager and the IBM Financial Transaction Manager for SWIFT Services, in combination with IBM MQ messaging middleware and IBM DB2 for Linux UNIX, and Windows database. The company integrated IBM Financial Transaction Manager into its new, modern FinACK solution platform.

ABK’s solution platform FinACK leverages the strengths of the IBM z Systems server, including hardware-accelerated encryption to satisfy the advanced security requirements. The software can be easily distributed across a number of instances and its efficient release management reduces maintenance workload. With its multi-tenant architecture, FinACK is optimized for data center operations at scale and integrates seamlessly with the company’s E.F.I.S. Transaction Platform.

Minimizing administration overhead is crucial for ABK. The company had already been running IBM WebSphere Application Server on the same platform and developed multiple mobile applications to expand its FinACK solution platform and also created its own zCockpit mobile app with IBM MobileFirst Platform for advanced monitoring of the IBM z Systems environment.


Gaining flexibility and speed. IBM Financial Transaction Manager enables ABK Systeme to be more agile and support changing requirements and regulations fast. The solution connects to a wide range of systems and applications out-of-the-box, helping the company to reduce costs and speed up the onboarding of new customers.

“Standardizing core systems on our strategic Linux platform running on IBM z Systems enables us to use our resources more efficiently than before and improve reliability and security for our customers.” - Armin Gerhardt, CEO, ABK Systeme.

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