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The Met Office uses post-processing systems to tailor its weather forecasts for specific clients’ needs. Running these systems on a distributed Linux infrastructure was becoming complex and expensive.


“We went through an extremely rigorous process of putting the mainframe technology up against commodity technology in terms of total lifecycle management and business benefit. We looked at the many different aspects of running both technologies, in terms of hardware, infrastructure support, environmental and software-licensing costs. Once we got past the hardware and infrastructure costs, the focus then turned to the software licensing issues,” comments Martyn Catlow, Met Office portfolio lead for centralized IT infrastructure.


From a financial perspective, by reducing the total number of cores, the new zEnterprise solution has made a very significant difference to the total cost of ownership. According to Richard Cains, technical lead, mainframe team, the Met Office has “reduced costs by a similar ratio” of approximately 12:1.

In addition to cost savings, consolidating in a single place simplifies management. By enhancing efficiency in this way, the Met Office’s IT team can focus on delivering more effective services to the organization, equipping employees with the tools to work more productively.

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The Met Office forecasts a bright outlook for Linux on zEnterprise

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