Linux on System z can inherit world-class security features

The open-source nature of Linux operating systems already provides a favorable security profile, but running Linux on System z further extends these advantages by integrating hardware-based security features into the operating environment.

Linux can run natively in a System z logical partition or it can run in a virtual machine under control of the z/VM virtualization software. With z/VM, Linux on System z gains some of its most valuable security and integrity features. In addition, Linux runs well in the same server, along z/OS and z/VSE operating systems. These scenarios all offer additional security and administrative functions to make Linux more secure and easier to administer than a similar Linux configuration running in a distributed environment.

A full range of security applications and tools are available from IBM, open source projects and other software vendors to support a complete and cost-effective security infrastructure for the Linux on System z environment.

Implementation scenarios

The following articles describe usage scenarios that demonstrate the value of using Linux on System z in a comprehensive security infrastructure:

IBM Case studies

A healthcare company, USA
Using IBM z/VM, the mainframe can be partitioned into hundreds of Linux guests, each one a virtual server with all the stability and security of the mainframe.

Renfe, Spain
The Linux-based intranet portal has high-speed, high-security access to the information it contains.

Sicoob, Brazil
Sicoob has a secure platform capable of supporting its rapid growth.

Traxpay, Germany
Companies can communicate directly with each other within the secure financial environment.

IBM White paper

IBM Redbook