Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL)

Reduce licensing costs with IFL

The Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) is a processor dedicated to Linux workloads on IBM z Systems. The IFL is supported by z/VM virtualization and IBM Wave for z/VM, KVM for IBM z Systems and the Linux operating system; it cannot run other IBM operating systems.

The attractively priced IFL processor enables you to add processing capacity exclusively for Linux workloads.

The fast speed of the IFL on z Systems enables you to host many virtual servers per processor core. Combined with the up to 141 user-configurable IFLs on a z13, up to 20 on a z13s, up to 101 on a zEC12 and up to 13 on a zBC12, the total Linux processing capacity has enormously increased with the latest z Systems.

The Linux deployment on IFL’s can reduce your expenses in the areas of operational efforts, energy, floor space and especially in software.


IFL Attributes

No additional IBM software charges for traditional environment

In this example a traditional z Systems environment with three general purpose - “standard” processors adds additional workspace and software in an IFL but still reports its z Systems capacity. Consequently, executing Linux workload on the IFL does not result in any increase in monthly license charges for the IBM operating systems or IBM software running on the general purpose processor.

Traditional z Systems environment – business as usual

One IFL added

Multiple IFLs and IBM software added

Moreover, your software vendor may be among those software vendors who have adopted this IBM model for the hardware workspace dedicated to Linux. To determine if the vendor software charges for existing z Systems applications on your z Systems is unaffected by adding the IFL to the server, please contact your software vendor.

The picture above shows an example with many IFLs and different workloads running concurrently on Linux guests with z/VM, native Linux, z/OS and z/VSE, communicating via HiperSockets, on one physical z Systems server.

* Open source applications such as Apache and Samba are included in the cost for the Linux distribution.