What is the IFL processor?

The Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) is a processor dedicated to Linux workloads on IBM Z and expressly designed to reduce costs. It is supported by the Linux operating system, z/VM + IBM Wave for z/VM and KVM virtualization technology.

The IBM z14 mainframe offer massive processing capacity with up to 170 user-configurable IFLs on one server.

Thanks to the economics of running Linux on the IFL mainframe processors, the cost of hosting our document repository is now a third of what it was before, a significant saving.

— Toby C. Wolf, ZB, National Association

What does IFL do for you?

Virtualization savings

Host many virtual Linux servers per processor.


Add processing capacity exclusively for Linux workloads.

High availability

Designed for error prevention, detection and correction.

Efficient operations

Lower operating efforts for less servers and network.


You can sum up moving to IBM Z in one
sentence: it’s easy and cost-effective, so go ahead.

Tim Simpson, IT Infrastructure Manager, Dundee City Council