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Choose from a growing ecosystem of IBM, vendor and open source software for your business applications.

Cloud solutions

By combining the powers of IBM z Systems, Linux, IBM z/VM or KVM and open source cloud products, businesses can create the most powerful and reliable enterprise hybrid cloud solution.

Cloud Stack Architecture for Linux on z Systems (PDF, 7.7 MB) is an open and standards-based solution. It embraces major industry ecosystem initiatives such as infrastructure as-a-service, container management and platform as-a-service.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator provides cloud management for your IT services, allowing you to accelerate the delivery of software and infrastructure.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy orchestrates and automates application deployments, middleware configurations and database changes to on-premises or cloud-based development, test and production environments.

Cognitive data on Linux solutions

IBM database, data integration and cognitive solutions on z Systems provides a modern, cost-competitive infrastructure with offerings ready for analytics and big data initiatives across all of your data sources.

Big data, data integration and data warehousing solutions

InfoSphere DataStage integrates all types of data on distributed and z Systems platforms.

InfoSphere Federation integrates data sources into a consolidated virtual view, combining data from disparate sources such as DB2, Oracle database and SQL Server.

InfoSphere Information Server helps organizations to understand, cleanse and transform trusted information and deliver it to their business initiatives.

InfoSphere Master Data Management helps operational business processes, big data, and analytics through trusted views.

Cognitive and analytics solutions

Cognos Business Intelligence provides a scalable infrastructure to simplify enterprise data access for reporting, analysis, dashboards, mobile apps and more.

SPSS Modeler helps build predictive models and score transactional data in real time.

Cognos TM1 helps the entire planning cycle –– from target setting and budgeting to reporting, score-carding, analyzing and forecasting.

SPSS Statistics helps you understand your data, identify trends and produce accurate forecasts.

Database solutions

IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration for in-memory computing incorporates design concepts for high levels of performance and availability, data replication and scalability.

DB2 Connect connects desktop and palm-top applications to your z Systems databases.

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DevOps and application development

Virtualized, integrated IBM solutions for application development leverage both IBM z Systems and Linux distributions for enterprise DevOps.

IBM XL C/C++ compiler v1.2 lets you create and port applications on the latest z Systems to ease application development and maximize hardware utilization.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy orchestrates and automates application deployments, middleware configurations and database changes to on-premises or cloud-based development, test and production environments.

Rational ClearCase is an enterprise configuration management system for controlled access to software assets, such as requirements, designs, models, test plans and test results.

Rational Build Forge products offer an adaptive execution framework that creates a software assembly line to automate and accelerate software delivery.

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Mobile solutions

Easily use the mobile protocol connectivity or IBM Integration Bus to sync existing z Systems applications and queries to both mobile and cloud environments, helping you create a hybrid integration platform.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation offers time-tested, enterprise mobile middleware, deployable on premises and on cloud.

IBM Integration Bus simplifies the connectivity between the IT assets, packaged apps and web services. It acts as a translator by enabling multiple systems which speak different protocols to integrate and communicate with open source components.

IBM MQ delivers universal messaging with a broad set of offerings to meet enterprise-wide messaging needs, as well as connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices.

Open software solutions

Open source software on z Systems provides the innovation and quality of service you need in your applications portfolio. There is a growing ecosystem of open source software available.

Security and availability solutions

A full range of security features and applications are available from IBM, software vendors and the open source community to support a complete and cost-effective security infrastructure with Linux on z Systems.

IBM GDPS Virtual Appliance (PDF, 169.82 KB) extends GDPS capabilities into z/VM and Linux on z Systems environments that do not have z/OS in production. The GDPS Virtual Appliance provides a simple and easy-to-use GDPS platform through the use of a new and intuitive web interface for managing and controlling the environment.

IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) avoids downtime by managing servers, workloads, replication activities and reconfigurations. On a multi-tiered architecture GDPS provides “multiplatform resiliency” for near-continuous availability and disaster recovery for both z/OS and Linux on z Systems.

IBM Spectrum Scale for Linux on IBM z (750.5 KB) provides resiliency, scalability and performance for data and file management. Build upon IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™) with no single point of failure. Share data in a mixed platform environment and eliminate data transfer in hybrid clouds.

Vendor software solutions

Explore the broad range of Linux software and solutions from IBM Business Partners and independent software vendors (ISV).

Virtualization solutions

A dependable cloud infrastructure and an optimization of your IT is critical to your organization. The virtualization platform you choose impacts utilization, scalability, security, disaster recovery and efficiency. IBM z Systems offers stable and cost effective virtualization.

IBM z/VM is a highly secure and scalable hypervisor virtualization technology. Use it with IBM Wave for z/VM and management of z/VM and virtual Linux servers is simplified.

KVM provides open source virtualization. It uses standard virtualization management tooling through OpenStack interfaces to increase operational efficiencies.

Logical partitioning with IBM z Systems (PDF, 15.3 MB) offers a PR/SM hypervisor which can divide one physical server into 85 logical partitions and run Linux, z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and TPF instances isolated and secured in parallel. IBM Dynamic Partitioning Manager (DPM) provides a simplified operating model to interact with the PR/SM hypervisor in order to manage logical partitions.


IBM Software

See the available IBM software for “Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)”, “SUSE Enterprise Linux Server (SLES)” and “Ubuntu” via an online tool (no registration required).

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