The table below shows IBM tested and supported Linux environments. IBM remote technical support for these environments is provided when you obtain a Support Line contract. You may also find support for these environments by contracting with a third party provider.

The listed distributions are 64-bit distributions; they all include the 31-bit emulation layer to run 31-bit software products.

Distribution zEnterprise - BC12 and EC12 zEnterprise - z114 and z196 System z10 System z9 zSeries
RHEL 6 Yes(1) Yes Yes Yes
RHEL 5 Yes(2) Yes Yes Yes Yes
RHEL 4 (*) Yes(5) Yes Yes Yes
SLES 11 Yes(3) Yes Yes Yes
SLES 10 Yes(4) Yes Yes Yes Yes
SLES 9 (*) Yes(6) Yes Yes Yes