Enterprise Linux Server

Enterprise grade Linux based on leading technologies

The Enterprise Linux Server offers an enterprise grade Linux-ready infrastructure solution that combines industry-leading technologies of IBM z Systems, IBM z/VM virtualization and the IBM Wave for z/VM virtualization management.

Like a public cloud, the ability to activate additional cores and enable capacity on demand, allow businesses the ability to start small and grow within a single Enterprise Linux Server.

Virtualization technologies


z/VM is the virtualization technology at the heart of the Enterprise Linux Server. z/VM provides impressive horizontal and vertical scalability, rapid server provisioning, rock solid workload isolation, and the ability to share and over-commit system resources.

IBM Wave for z/VM

IBM Wave for z/VM provides an intuitive virtualization management for the Enterprise Linux Server’s highly virtualized environment. Its capabilities have been recently enhanced to further simplify operations, leverage existing skills and drive productivity.

KVM offering for z Systems*

IBM intends* to support a KVM offering for z Systems that will host Linux on Enterprise Linux Server guest virtual machines.

* See announcement letter of IBM z13 for statements of direction (SOD)

Server technologies


z13 is the new flagship with up to 141 cores and up to 10 TB available memory, expanding the Linux capacity inside a single server to new dimensions. Beside capacity and economics, qualities of service have been improved for highest levels of trust and confidence.

zEnterprise BC12

zBC12 provides a trusted entry-level infrastructure with up to 13 cores, flexible growth options, trusted resiliency and secure Linux cloud capabilities.

zEnterprise EC12

zEC12 with up to 101 cores provides support for Linux with comprehensive security and resiliency built-in for the high levels of trust and confidence.


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