Enterprise Linux Server

Enterprise Linux Server for Analytics

Companies that embrace and use real time insights have been shown to dramatically out perform their industry peers, driving up to 2x the revenue. How? By maximizing the value of their data to yield business insights that help them take advantage of market shifts early.

They are using analytics to improve revenue, reduce costs and lower risk, while making better decisions overall. As the use of analytics continues to accelerate, companies are looking for better ways to integrate key insights from increasingly larger data volumes into the operational processes of their business. Now you can leverage IBM's latest technology to transform the way you do business.

This allows you to leverage a Linux-based analytics environment that includes Cognos and SPSS software, combined with the necessary hardware components to create a simple to manage, easy to manage interface to your business users. The latest version of Cognos allows your business team to leverage a Cognos IPAD app for mobile access when and where it is needed. Now your business can be truly information driven.

You can optionally customize your environment with a network attached PureData for Analytics system, designed for fast query processing. To ensure a smooth implementation, you can select from IBM's customized services to turn your business into an information-driven powerhouse. Please contact your IBM sales representative today, to learn how this offering can help you deploy a database environment designed to meet the requirements of your workloads.

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