Enterprise Linux Server

Enterprise grade Linux for your IT environment

IBM designed the Enterprise Linux Server from the ground up to add real business value without increasing IT costs. In contrast to distributed rack based designs that can quickly lead to sprawl and expanding software licensing costs, the Enterprise Linux Server’s integrated combination of industry leading server and virtualization technologies provide a simple, efficient and trusted infrastructure foundation for businesses with growing Linux workloads.

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The Benefits of the Enterprise Linux Server

The IBM Enterprise Linux Server offers an enterprise grade Linux infrastructure with the power and flexibility to provide datacenter simplicity, trusted operations and unrivaled economics.

  • - Datacenter Simplicity

    The more servers you have, the harder it is to manage your IT environment, identify problems and ensure compliance. That’s why we designed the IBM Enterprise Linux Server to pack more workloads into a single server, minimizing complexity.

    Bottom line: The Enterprise Linux Server provides operational simplicity through its advanced virtualization technology, automation features and highly-scalable server capacities.

  • - Trusted Operations

    Trust and dependability are the foundation of any successful enterprise. To succeed you need an IT infrastructure this is available, secure, and flexible enough to meet your changing needs.

    Bottom line: The Enterprise Linux Server provides trust through unique leading integrated virtualization and server technologies and proven security and availability leadership.

    * See announcement letter of IBM z13 for statement of directions (SOD).

  • - Unrivaled Economics

    The hidden costs of IT complexity are crippling the ability of IT organizations to innovate and drive new applications and services – a large portion of today’s IT budgets goes to maintaining day-to-day operations.

    Bottom line: The IBM Enterprise Linux Server’s unique simple design can dramatically reduce overall IT costs compared to distributed IT environments and public cloud providers.

The IBM Enterprise Linux Server provides an enterprise grade Linux-ready infrastructure that can help you master IT complexity by doing more for less, saving you time, energy and money, allowing you to focus on what matters most for your business.

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