Linux OS on IBM z Systems

Linux OS on IBM z Systems

Benefits of the Linux operating system on an enterprise platform

Based on the common Linux kernel and with the familiar Linux OS look and feel, Linux on z Systems offers the performance, scalability, and security not available on other platforms.

Running Linux on z provides an enterprise grade platform, especially with the new IBM z13 and IBM z13s mainframes and the combination of IBM virtualization technologies -- IBM z/VM with IBM Wave for z/VM and, KVM for z IBM Systems. Additional technologies such as IBM Spectrum Scale and the IBM GDPS solutions add value to the overall enterprise grade platform for Linux.

The cost benefits of the Linux operating system on z Systems

Reduce operational and maintenance costs

The single Linux server solution mean less server maintenance and, less effort to master the IT infrastructure. Physical and virtual resources can be dynamically shared or reconfigured, helping to reduce demands on your IT staff. Combined with IBM Wave and the additional autonomic computing capabilities of the Linux on z environment, you can reduce errors and minimize workload-balancing.

Reduce software acquisition and licenses costs

Running software on fewer processors means fewer licenses and reduced support costs, because Linux software is usually priced on a per-core basis. A single z Systems processor can run up to 8.000 Linux servers. Since the software costs are the same for a low-utilized processor or a well-utilized, the high resource use of z Systems also contributes to the software savings.

  • Met Office has made a significant difference to the total cost of ownership

Reduce floor space and energy costs

Fewer servers and networks can require less floor space and can mean savings not only in acquisition costs, but even more important in heating, air conditioning and electricity costs. The modular design, efficient dense packaging, high efficiency power supplies, resource sharing, and industry-leading virtualization - all this contributes to the energy and space efficiency of z Systems.

  • EVERTEC has reduced administrative costs and energy requirements

Reduce security and business continuity costs

z Systems are the most secure commercial servers available. Linux on the IBM mainframe support complex cryptographic algorithms with cryptographic hardware. z Systems built-in features such as IBM zAware can anticipate and respond to, threats, preventing costly downtime. High availability and disaster recovery solutions are available, for example with IBM GDPS solutions.