IBM accelerates cloud computing on System z with the acquisition of
CSL International

IBM has acquired CSL International, a leading virtualization management solution provider for IBM z/VM and Linux on System z. CSL International’s virtualization management software provides a simplified and cost effective way for companies to harness the consolidation capabilities of the IBM System z platform and its ability to host the workloads of tens of thousands of commodity servers. The CSL-WAVE management tool features an easy to use, intuitive interface with drag and drop simplicity to instantly create, discover, visualize and connect virtual servers to resources, allowing clients to free up experienced staff to address additional business opportunities. The combination of IBM and CSL technologies will allow clients to manage many aspects of z/VM and Linux on System z clouds, including CPU, memory, storage, and network resources, helping mitigates risks, deliver cost savings, and create a more secure, scalable, reliable and efficient platform for smarter computing.

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CSL-WAVE is a leading solution for z/VM and Linux on System z management, simplification and automation. The product provides a comprehensive management approach backed up by unique simplification technologies. CSL-WAVE’s management facilities target Linux on System z system programmers, project managers and administrators, with additional special features built to assist the operations team and the z/VM system programmers.