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On a Smarter Planet, strengthening customer experiences is key to driving competitive advantage and growth. Exciting new System z capabilities can help organizations innovate, differentiate and deliver greater value – and do it all with a level of efficiency, economics and trust unmatched in the industry.

With this announcement, IBM extends the zEnterprise portfolio with a new entry point for enterprise computing, the IBM zEnterprise BC12, new innovations for the IBM zEnterprise EC12, new releases of z/OS and z/VM, new industry solutions and capabilities supporting cloud, analytics, mobile and security.

July 23rd: zEnterprise gets even better!

Innovate. Differentiate. Deliver new value. And do it all for less.

July 23rd: zEnterprise gets even better!
Innovate. Differentiate. Deliver new value. And do it all for less.

zEnterprise benefits

Consolidate workloads on System z for reduced costs, improved security and availability.

zEnterprise benefits
Consolidate workloads on System z for reduced costs, improved security and availability.

Introducing the IBM zEnterprise® BC12:
Extending zEnterprise capabilities to enterprises of all sizes

The newest member of the IBM® zEnterprise® System family is the IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12), designed as an entry point for enterprise computing. It delivers new innovations and enhanced capabilities to provide competitive advantage in the areas of cloud, analytics, mobile and security, as well as significant improvements in packaging, performance and scalability over prior generations.

New technology innovations for IBM zEnterprise EC12

Improve service, simplify management, reduce costs, mitigate risks and support growth

Enlarge Building on the recent IBM zEnterprise EC12 announcement, our new enhancements maximize business value with extended capabilities for optimized hybrid computing through the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX), new server-to-server networking using RoCE exploitation and new compression acceleration to help reduce latency. IBM zAware and Flash Express continue to improve availability. System z specialty engines deliver greater efficiencies and improve mainframe economics.

New operating system releases

New operating system releases support enhanced analytics, cloud and security capabilities

z/OS® V2.1 helps you innovate with operational analytics and secured private clouds alongside traditional workloads, providing outstanding qualities of service. New z/OS® Management Facility (z/OSMF) V2.1, extends software management and configuration to new heights.

z/VM 6.3 now supports HiperDispatch for efficient CPU utilization, up to 1TB of real memory and a 4x increase in virtual servers per LPAR, enabling more virtual servers in a single footprint than any other platform. z/VM 6.3 is also enabled for OpenStack, providing a ubiquitous IaaS open cloud architecture.

New industry solutions and capabilities for analytics, cloud, mobile and security

New zEnterprise industry solutions
Our new industry solutions deliver on key business requirements such as predicting risks, managing regulatory compliance and improving citizen services.

Data ready solutions:
Turn information into actionable insights to personalize and expand customer offerings and services.

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Cloud ready solutions:
Provide effective administration of services and rapid development of new offerings at lower costs.

Related offerings

Mobile ready solutions:
Provide real-time access to information with anytime, anywhere service delivery.

Security ready solutions:
Strengthen customer trust by ensuring protection and availability of client data for critical business processes


Infrastructure matters. Businesses turn to the IBM mainframe for unmatched security, operational efficiency, speed, seamless scale, and lower cost per transaction. The IBM z System, the world’s premier data and transaction engine, is enabled for mobile, integrates transactions and analytics, and delivers efficient and trusted clouds.

Operating Systems

IBM z Systems supports multiple operation systems:


IBM z Systems combine leading-edge innovation and unparalleled capabilities to power cloud, business analytics, mobile applications, and the most important workloads.

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zEnterprise analyst papers

Clabby Analytics: The IBM zEnterprise EC12: A Technology/Strategy Review (PDF, 403KB)

IBM Introduces zEnterprise EC12: New Platform for OLTP, Database, Analytics, and BI (PDF, 195KB)

This report by IDC analyst Jean Bozman discusses new capabilities introduced with the IBM zEnterprise EC12, the importance of Linux, and IBM's commitment to bringing new clients and new workloads to System z.

IBM’s Mainframe: Still Going Strong After All These Years (PDF,282KB)

This report by Mesabi Group analyst David Hill discusses the continuing relevance of IBM zEnterprise and the value of the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS.

IDC: IBM zAware uses Predictive Analytics and Big Data technology to manage z/OS Workloads (PDF, 124KB)

This report by IDC discusses IBM zAware, a key feature of the zEnterprise EC12 that analyzes internal system messages to identify unusual system behavior.

Independent Assessment: zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX): the Case for Adopting Hybrid Computing (PDF, 517KB)

This paper by Independent Assessment analyst Alan Radding describes the process and benefits of hybrid computing with IBM zEnterprise and zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX).

MacFarland Consulting: What the IBM zEnterprise EC12 Brings to Business Operations (PDF, 594KB)

This MacFarland Consulting report examines how the new capabilities of the zEC12 support large enterprise business operations.

Ptak, Noel & Associates, IBM’s Latest Mainframe, Another Winner (PDF, 221KB)

This report on the zEnterprise EC12 by IT analyst firm Ptak, Noel & Associates asserts that IBM’s latest System z model clearly demonstrates the mainframe is very much alive and kicking.

Pund-IT Research: IBM’s zEC12 as a Foundation for Smart, Enterprise-Class Computing (PDF, 283KB)

This Pund-IT research paper looks into zEC12's advances in performance, scalability, security, cloud and hybrid computing that make an ideal platform for enterprise computing.

Robert Frances Group: zEnterprise Update (PDF, 210KB)

This report by Robert Frances Group asserts that the new zEC12 is another proof point that IBM mainframes are highly viable offerings, capable of meeting the critical business needs of both today and tomorrow.

The Clipper Group: The zEnterprise Hybrid Model — Where Goest Thou? (PDF, 840KB)

This paper by Clipper Group looks at how the zEnterprise EC12 extends zEnterprise's hybrid capabilities.

The Clipper Group: The IBM zEnterprise EC12 — Bigger, Better, Faster (PDF, 1MB)

The Clipper Group looks at how the IBM zEC12 brings new capabilities for new workloads and continues the evolution of the zEnterprise hybrid computing system.