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IBM has expanded the number of workloads that can run on zEnterprise with the much anticipated support for the Microsoft Windows OS on the IBM BladeCenter HX5 (7873).

Now you can improve optimization of your virtual resources in the context of a workload, helping to strengthen your systems management capabilities while running your mainframe and distributed platforms on one integrated hardware server. This means you can deploy all of your front-end Windows applications that need access to centralized data serving, such as SAP, onto the zEnterprise, and then manage all of these crucial business resources from one source.

By moving your applications that run on Microsoft Windows® to IBM BladeCenter HX5 (7873) blades, your business can realize value from Unified Resource Manager. Under its management umbrella, System x blades join the mainframe and the POWER7 blades in receiving configuration support, an isolated private network, hypervisor support, monitored system performance management and energy management, all delivered with a consistent interface to your operations staff.

Plus all of your certified applications that run on Windows and an IBM BladeCenter HX5 blade will be able to run on the blades when they are installed in the zBX. No special certification is required.

When the System x blades are installed in the zEnterprise, the resource manager provides an innovative method of resource management – one that is aware of workloads and deploys automatically. Unified Resource Manager detects that the blade was installed and kicks off wizards used for configuration, operation and life-cycle management of virtual resources. Resource allocation is workload based, allowing your most critical workloads to receive resources, and priority based on goal-oriented policies established by defined business requirements.

Best of all, the blades are serviced and supported by IBM System z support representatives.

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