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IBM zEnterprise System, a hybrid approach to IT transformation

The revolutionary new design of the zEnterprise System combines System z®, select IBM POWER® and System x server technologies into a single all-in-one solution. This gives enterprises the ability to unify and centrally manage multi-tier applications running z/OS and Linux on z, along with AIX®, Linux® on x86, and Microsoft® Windows® operating environments.

The IBM zEnterprise System creates an integrated heterogeneous infrastructure that delivers new capabilities for smarter computing:

On October 12th, IBM announced new capabilities that accelerate the journey to smarter computing



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ASG® Software Solutions. “ASG is maintaining it’s long-standing support of the System z Platform and views the announcement of the new z114 as an opportunity to provide their revolutionary CloudFactory technology to a larger number of IT users to optimize IT infrastructures and enhance service delivery.”

— Ed Hallock, Sr. Director of Solutions Management for IT Infrastructure & Operations Management, ASG Software Solutions*

BMC software. “BMC’s Business Service Management (BSM) automates IT processes, improves decision-making, and orchestrates the workflow to manage the hybrid data center – including cloud, virtual, distributed, and mainframe resources. IBM’s zEnterprise BladeCenter® Extension (zBX) similarly expands the number of customers who can maximize the benefits of hybrid computing technology. BSM and the zEnterprise processor both provide the ability to manage the IT infrastructure and diverse business applications as an integrated whole.”

— Bill Miller, President and General Manager, Mainframe Service Management Business Unit, BMC Software*

CA® Technologies. “Customers are continually looking for ways to lower costs and improve operational efficiency,” said Dayton Semerjian, General Manager, Mainframe at CA Technologies. “The System z 114 offers our mutual customers improved performance at an attractive price, and the opportunity to deliver smarter computing by placing application workloads on very efficient hardware.”

“One of the key benefits of the zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager APIs is in unifying basic management capabilities across the varying hardware, hypervisor, and operating system platforms in the ensemble. Today’s tools are built to virtualize and visualize a variety of platforms, but have to be updated to keep current as new platforms are added. By necessity, this takes away some focus from providing higher level management functionality that provides real value to customers,” said Scott Fagen, Distinguished Engineer, CA Technologies.  “We intend to take advantage of this unification to bring the capabilities of our broad portfolio of mainframe and distributed management products together to enable seamless management of customer workloads, across System x, System p, Linux on System z and z/OS.”

— Dayton Semerjian, CA General Manager of the Mainframe Business Unit, OR Scott Fagen, CA Mainframe Chief Architect, CA Technologies*

Callataÿ and Wouters Banking Solutions. “The Thaler multi-tier core banking application has been re-evaluated on the IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) hybrid integrated infrastructure. Yet again the results returned were extraordinary and far exceeded expectations from both IBM and Callataÿ & Wouters. These tests provide further tangible proof of the true modular end-to-end solution of Thaler on System z and the further evolution towards industrialization, that both parties are firmly committed to. These results show that Thaler on z/OS and the hybrid, multi-platform zEnterprise system are ideally positioned as the solution to assist banks in reducing costs and helping them meet their future ambitions.”

— Renaud Winand - Head of Product - Callatay & Wouters, Callatay & Wouters*

ColeSoft. “As long term members of the System z ISV community, we recognize the superior security, performance and reliability of IBM’s mainframe platform. Now with the announcement of lower cost zEnterprise hardware, IBM makes this exemplary platform affordable for smaller companies. Thanks, IBM.”

— Robert W. Shimizu, Partner, ColeSoft*

Compuware. “Compuware's testing of the new IBM zEnterprise, including the z196 and the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer, enabled us to confirm that SQL queries executed with transparency. Measurements made by Strobe, our premiere mainframe application performance solution, confirmed that the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer performance is indeed phenomenal and will dramatically decrease run times and resource consumption for selected workloads.”

— JD Miner, Director, Mainframe APM, Compuware Corporation*

Cúram® Software. “We performed a range of functional testing on the new IBM zEnterprise system, resulting in a positive and seamless experience, and a proven performance increase utilizing the hybrid environment on the POWER blade,” said Oisin Clarke, Executive Vice President, Product Development and Product Marketing, Cúram Software. “Given the economic conditions facing state and local governments today, we are supportive of IBM’s effort to deliver a solution that optimizes cost structure by enabling customers to operate across heterogeneous platforms, providing a higher quality of service and lower total cost of ownership. These improvements will enable our social enterprise management customers to deliver better outcomes for citizens and families.”

— Oisin Clarke, Executive Vice President, Product Development and Product Marketing, Curam Software*

Co:Z Co-Processing Toolkit for z/OS. “The zEnterprise system and its zBX blade technology offer unique capabilities to deploy and manage applications on multiple processor architectures. In concert with the Co:Z Co-processing Toolkit, the zEnterprise is a canvas for hybrid applications. IBM's latest announcements not only extend the range of these capabilities, but also offer management APIs that we plan to exploit in future releases of Co:Z in order to optimize resource selection for hybrid batch applications.”

— Kirk Wolf, Partner, Dovetailed Technologies*

Edge Information Group. “As IBM continues to enhance the zEnterprise platform, EDGE is committed to help users assure that their underlying AD technologies are at the current levels, to ensure the expansion and exploitation of the mainframe environment.”

— M. Carl Gehr, Jr., Lead Developer and Principal Consultant, Edge Information Group*

FIS. “By bringing everything together, zEnterprise simplifies the distribution and operation of a modern banking environment.”

— Catherine Block, VP Market Development, New Solutions Development, FIS*

Fundtech. “By expanding the range of the zEnterprise system to include x86 blades, Fundtech clients can leverage their existing hardware infrastructure to make their payments operations more cost efficient while vastly increasing its power and scalability.”

— George Ravich, Executive Vice President, Chief Maketing Officer, Fundtech*

Horizont. Software for Datacenters. “Many small and medium enterprises will find the lower cost and capacity of the new zEnterprise system to be the ideal deployment platform for our application.”

— Josef Dirnberger, CIO, Horizont*

H and W. Bridging the Enterprise Computing Gap. "The introduction of the zEnterprise 114 for small and medium businesses is a welcome extension of IBM’s philosophy to provide an integrated, growable, and flexible zEnterprise system to even more users. At H&W Computer Systems, we believe that IBM’s zEnterprise system and H&W’s software continue to be an integral part of today’s heterogeneous IT environments. These diverse environments enable all sizes of organizations to expand at a pace they choose, in the way that best fits their needs.”

— Richard D. Newman, Chief Technology Officer, H&W Computer Systems, Inc.*

Information Builders. “Information Builders is proud to be an IBM partner and continues to be the business intelligence and enterprise integration software vendor who runs natively on all IBM hardware. The ZBX continues our tradition of allowing businesses to leverage the speed, innovation, and full capabilities of IBM and Information Builders. Customers leverage the reliability, resilience, and power of the mainframe at a fraction of the cost thanks to IBM’s genius.”

— Gerald Cohen, CEO, Information Builders*

Innovation® Data Processing. “The zEnterprise is a perfect platform for all INNOVATION data protection and business resiliency solutions. Our small and medium enterprise customers will welcome the new lower capacity and cost of the new z114, with zBX blade technology. All our customers will find the new smaller zEnterprise an ideal FDRSOS and FDR/UPSTREAM deployment platform for Linux on System z.”

— Thomas J Meehan, Vice President, Innovation Data Processing*

Interchip. “Together with the new zEnterprise 114, Interchip's Realtime Defrag/Extended Fast Replication (RTD/XFR) can help you optimize utilization of your DASD resources while maintaining a high level of business resiliency, at a much lower cost than in the past.”

— Howard Kirby, Director, International Operations, Interchip*

I/S Management Strategies Ltd. “The LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software will be updated and available on the date of announcement to assist clients in analyzing the new system’s effect on your software charges. Understanding the software charges is one component of the TCO and each new system generation leads to lower cost of ownership.”

— Al Sherkow, President, I/S Management Strategies*

MacKinney. Mainframe Software and Support. “The new zEnterprise System allows MacKinney Systems customers to retain their mainframe software functionality and investment while integrating new functions running on power and x86 platforms.”

— Mike Marler, President, MacKinney Systems*

Pega®. “We were delighted with test results which prove unequivocally the superiority of Pega in scaling to address the needs of enterprise clients committed to business transformation" said Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO of Pegasystems. "We consider our ongoing support of the zEnterprise platform and the new z114 from IBM, a key enabler for organizations that are committed to enterprise transformation.”

— Kevin McKenna, Global Alliances Marketing Director, Pegasystems*

Phoenix Software International®. “Phoenix Software International supports the direction IBM is taking with the zEnterprise z114, as it extends the benefits of hybrid server technology, previously available only to large enterprises, to medium-sized businesses as well.”

— Edward E. Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer, Phoenix International Software*

PKWARE®. “IBM's ICSF support for additional HMAC algorithms, continues to demonstrate IBM’s commitment to security and performance on System zEnterprise technology.  The PKWARE Solution will leverage these new algorithms to provide enterprise-wide FIPS compliant data centric security to IBM’s customers.”

— Paul Spicer, Product Manager, PKWARE*

SAS®. “System z continues to be a very strategic platform for SAS and many of our customers. With the hybrid computing capabilities of the zEnterprise, our customers have new options that let them balance their SAS workload across multiple computing platforms while still being able to capitalize on the performance, availability and manageability of the System z platform.”

— Paul Kent, SAS Vice President Research Platform and Development, SAS*

Serena™. “IBM’s new system combined with Serena’s support for providing the auditability, traceability and end-to-end rigor across multiple platforms enables our customers to ensure the same integrity in their modern workloads as they have realized in their legacy applications for all these years.”

— Al Slovacek, Senior Director, Mainframe Products, Serena Software*

Sunline. “We are glad that Sunline Core Banking System in JAVA is now available on the mainframe. It is an ideal solution with unprecedented innovation model and IBM System Z platform will perfectly embody Sunline Core Banking System in JAVA core advantage. This initiative can help to reduce the cost for our clients and we believe that our clients can benefit from it.”

— Zhengkang, Marketing Director, Shenzhen Sunline Tech Co*

Software AG. “Software AG conducted product testing of the IBM zEnterprise, which included the z196 and the zBX hardware configuration. We are happy to state that internal testing of Software AG's Adabas/Natural products on the two different platforms at the IBM Dallas Center produced a more than reasonable improvement by using the IEDN network connectivity between the z196 and the zBX. This is in comparison to connectivity via a more conventional LAN connection between the z196 and the zBX server.”

— Peter Harris, Senior Director Research and Development Department, Software AG*

SUSE®. “With the zBX, customers can easily run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server across all components of the zEnterprise System (z196/ z114) and have confidence that their entire hybrid environment is well maintained and supported by IBM. By using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z, the market-leading Linux operating system for IBM mainframes, to consolidate distributed workloads, customers reduce costs while increasing speed of deployment, reliability and scalability.”

— Michael Miller, VP of Alliances and Marketing, SUSE*

Syzygy Inc. “The zEnterprise system opens up a new frontier for our Syzygy Systems Automation software products to help smaller companies cut their mainframe operating costs to the bone.”

— Brian Westerman, Director of Research and Development, Syzygy*

Temenos. The Banking Software Company. “The new zEnterprise system is the ideal partner for our key core banking application, T24, for existing mainframe clients as well as those customers who are new to mainframe technology.”

— Mark Gunning, Business Solutions Director, Temenos*

Trend Micro™ "Consolidation and cloud computing are IT priorities we hear consistently from our customers across all industries. IBM's zEnterprise platform and the new z114, can now be safely leveraged even more, when combined with security that is only available from Trend Micro's ScanMail Suite for Lotus Domino. This winning combination delivers a safer environment, with smarter collaboration and increased consolidation.”

— John Maddison, Executive General Manager, Data Center Business Unit, Trend Micro*

Unicom® Systems. Enterprise Software Solutions. “The zEnterprise in combination with the z/BX BladeCenter provides a highly flexible environment for deployment of UNICOM and Macro 4 products which is very attractive for our customers. This environment is uniquely placed to allow optimal distribution of workloads.”

— Larry Lawler, Chief Technology Officer, Unicom Systems Inc.*

VANGUARD Integrity Professionals. Enterprise Security Software. “Vanguard is excited by IBM’s zEnterprise Blade Center Extension and its continuing focus on zEnterprise technology. zBX will provide a great platform for multi-tier applications that rely on System z, Linux, Power Systems and more.”

— Steven Ringelberg, Chief Operating Officer, VANGUARD Integrity Professionals*

Virtualagility. “VirtualAgility made a strategic decision to put our application onto the System z platform because we feel the mainframe is the future, not the past. The capabilities that the zEnterprise product has, in it's scalability, availability and reliability are essential to crisis management. The value of IBM's zEnterprise provides clients with the ability to grow, and actually pay as you grow with the solution.”

— Stuart Rudolph, President and CEO, VirtualAgility*

“What we can do with the zEnterprise technology is to have multiple CPUs, more memory and more data storage all combined and availability for scalability and growth of the system as the need arises by allocating more resources transparently to the system itself.”

— Gideon Moran,VP Product Development, VirtualAgility*

Voltage Security. “The zEnterprise 114 reaffirms IBM’s commitment to customers of all sizes, bringing the zEnterprise and zBX within reach of smaller shops. Voltage Security, Inc. is excited about the opportunities to deploy enterprise encryption solutions presented by the combined power of System z and zBX blades in securing data in and out of the cloud.”

— Mark Bower, Vice President of Product Managemenet, Voltage Security*

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