IBM zEnterprise 114

The zEnterprise™ 114 is IBM’s premier midrange “systems of systems” platform for integrated, centrally managed workload deployment. It is designed, priced and right sized as an on ramp for any growing business looking to exploit mainframe technologies for IT efficiencies and competitive business advantage.


At the core of the zEnterprise® System for mid sized and small enterprises is the zEnterprise 114 (z114) — offering new levels of freedom and a whole new world of capabilities for a broader set of businesses, delivering the scalability, flexibility, and breakthrough performance you need — at a lower capacity and attractive entry price point you want.

With extensive growth options, industry-leading virtualization and consolidation capabilities, the z114 continues the heritage in mainframe qualities of service with a more granular cost structure and significant improvements in packaging, performance and total system scalability over prior generations. The z114 is powered by up to 14 microprocessors running at 3.8 GHz and delivers up to 18 percent improvement in performance per core and up to 12 percent increase in total system capacity for z/OS®, z/VM®, and Linux on System z workloads compared to its predecessor, the z10™ BC. With 130 available capacity settings and granular cost structure offered across two models, you have the freedom to choose the right capacity setting for your needs with the flexibility to scale on demand as workload demands increase. And as a highly workload-optimized system, the z114 extends the unique value of hybrid computing capabilities to businesses of all sizes for integrated, centrally managed workload deployment — all within an environmentally friendly footprint .

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IBM provides world-class IBM mainframe technology to help today's enterprises respond quickly to evolving business conditions and with extreme flexibility. From automation to advanced virtualization technologies and open industry standards, IBM mainframes help deliver competitive advantages for enterprises contributing and succeeding on a smarter planet.

Operating Systems

IBM System z supports multiple operation systems:


IBM's technology, solutions and industry expertise can help you find the competitive edge with a sharper understanding of your customers. Our System z solutions combine the foundation of IBM hardware, software and middleware with flexible financing and packaging options to help your business meet and overcome the challenges of doing business in the on demand world. IBM can help you develop a customer-centric view—and assist you in delivering the right solution and the right products.

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Enterprise systems skills for a Smarter Planet