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All enterprise IT infrastructures today consist of multiple platforms to host the individual components of an end-to-end workload or business process. These platforms are connected but are often not well integrated, flexible, or aligned efficiently to customer service level objectives. The zEnterprise System changes all that. The system delivers end-to-end platform integration and resource optimization with the IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager (zManager). zManager delivers an integrated management fabric that brings consistent, automated and reliable service delivery with a single system view.

Use of zManager brings mainframe governance to the multi-platform environment. It offers automatic sensing and definition of new resources, patch management, dynamic defines, repair verification and monitoring. These capabilities help the installation to make good use of its resources and maintain the highest possible throughput. Best of all, zManager introduces “workload context” that can be used to identify and optimize the physical and virtual system resources, that support an application, for performance and availability. This allows the zManager to have workload awareness—the ability to inspect, report, and manage all connected resources, used in the service of the defined workload.

Taking on this management helps to mitigate the risks and provide controls previously not available in the combined mainframe and distributed environment. With zManager, the system can auto-discover new server, network and storage resources, load and monitor the virtualization environments, and prepare system resources for use. Updates to the hypervisor and firmware become the responsibility of the zManager, and can be treated uniformly with a managed rollout. Support and maintenance for the entire system, including the blades, are delivered 24×7 by an IBM System z® Support Representative. The blades benefit from the robust System z maintenance management environment with functions like first-failure data capture, “call home,” and guided repair.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow integration between zManager and the broader ecosystem of management tools. This capability will allow service automation tools to be able to gain access to functions such as discovery, monitoring and provisioning for the heterogeneous resources owned by zEnterprise. The capabilities available with zManager provide value well beyond connectivity for heterogeneous workloads. It brings the ability to manage the IT infrastructure and business applications as an integrated whole.

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