IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP)

What it does

The IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) is available on all IBM zEnterprise (zEnterprise™), System z10, and System z9 servers. It is designed to help free-up general computing capacity and lower overall total cost of computing for select data and transaction processing workloads for business intelligence (BI), ERP and CRM, and select network encryption workloads on the mainframe.

zIIP Eligible workloads include portions of the following:

What it means

The zIIP, better enables data to be centralized on the mainframe. The ease and economy of this solution helps break down the walls between transactional datastores on the mainframe and applications that run on distributed computers. Workloads on zIIP can help connect, manage, extend, and protect the data and transactions that originate from the mainframe. With the zIIP capability, the System z9, System z10 and zEnterprise mainframe helps minimize the need to maintain duplicate copies of the data and provide better security between the applications and the data. Thus, zIIP can help your business by:

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Operating Systems

IBM System z supports multiple operation systems:


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