zAAP on zIIP capability

Beginning with z/OS V1.11, z/OS added a capability that can enable IBM z Systems Application Assist Processor (zAAP) eligible workloads to run on z Systems Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs). This function can enable you to run zIIP- and zAAP-eligible workloads on the zIIP. This capability is ideal for customers without enough zAAP- or zIIP-eligible workload to justify a specialty engine today; the combined eligible workloads may make the acquisition of a zIIP cost effective, and may simplify planning activities. This capability is also intended to provide more value for customers having only zIIP processors by making Java and XML-based workloads eligible to run on existing zIIPs. Its purpose is not as an overflow capability for zAAP eligible workload to run on the zIIP, rather It enables zAAP eligible work to run on a zIIP engine when no zAAP is defined on the server.

Requirements include

Support for zAAPs and zIIPs

The IBM z13 will offer support for zIIP processors; zAAP processors are no longer supported on z13, and zAAP workloads will be eligible to be run on zIIP processors.

IBM intends to continue support for running zAAP workloads on zIIP processors (“zAAP on zIIP”).

Simplified Testing for zAAP on zIIP

Also IBM APAR OA38829 for z/OS V1.12 and z/OS V1.13 removes the restriction that prevents zAAP-eligible workloads from running on zIIP processors when a zAAP is installed on the server. This is intended for migration and testing purposes only, to facilitate migration of zAAP workloads onto zIIP processors.

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