IBM z Systems Integrated Information Processor (zIIP)

There are several workloads that are eligible for the zIIP. In addition, all zAAP eligible work can run on zIIPs when using zAAP on zIIP. On the IBM z13 processors all zAAP eligible workloads can be executed on zIIP processors.

There are several types of workloads that may benefit from zIIP. These are:

Data Serving – DB2 UDB V8, DB2 9 and later for z/OS exploitation of zIIP. Workloads include:

z/OS XML System Services exploitation of zIIP

z/OS XML System Services (a high speed, low latency XML parser in the base of z/OS) is enhanced to take additional advantage of zIIPs. Specifically, all validating and non-validating parsing conducted by z/OS XML System Services executed in enclave SRB mode can be eligible to run on the zIIP.

Beginning with DB2 9, z/OS XML System Services non-validating parsing requests (such as XML table loads and updates) are eligible for zIIPs when utilized as part of any workload running in enclave SRB mode, like DRDA.

Please see the corresponding announcement for z/OS XML System Services exploitation of zAAP.

With the zAAP on zIIP capability introduced with z/OS V1.11, all z/OS XML System Services parsing can be executed on available zIIP(s).

Remote Mirror - z/OS Global Mirror

z/OS Global Mirror is enhanced to allow most z/OS DFSMS SDM (System Data Mover) processing associated with zGM/XRC to be eligible to run on the zIIP. zIIP assisted z/OS Global Mirror can help provide better price performance and improved utilization of resources or can create server "white space" to be used for other projects at the mirrored site.

End-to-end Network Encryption – z/OS Communication Server

The z/OS Communications Server allows portions of IPSec processing to take advantage of zIIPs. The zIIP-Assisted IPSec function moves a portion of the IPSec processing from the general purpose processors to the zIIPs. With zIIP-Assisted IPSec, the zIIPs support encryption functions. In addition to performing the encryption processing, the zIIP will also handle cryptographic validation of message integrity, and IPSec header processing.

zIIP Assisted HiperSockets for large messages – z/OS Communications Server

zIIP-Assisted HiperSockets can help make highly secure, available, virtual HiperSockets networking a more attractive option.

The z/OS Communications Server allows the HiperSockets Multiple Write Facility processing for outbound large messages originating from z/OS to be performed on a zIIP. The combination of HiperSockets Multiple Write Facility and zIIP enablement is described as "zIIP-Assisted HiperSockets for large messages." z/OS application workloads based on XML, HTTP, SOAP, Java, etc., as well as traditional file transfer, can benefit from zIIP enablement by helping to lower general purpose processor utilization for such TCP/IP traffic. This capability is only available on System z10 servers or later.

Enterprise Business Intelligence reporting

The IBM Scalable Architecture for Financial Reporting (SAFR) is a software and services-based offering from IBM Global Business Services (GBS). IBM GBS can architect SAFR to exploit the zIIP specialty processor. Specifically, the processing of data extract phase of the SAFR Performance Engine may be eligible for the zIIP. Additional restrictions to zIIP enablement may apply, see your IBM GBS rep for more details.

Intra-server communications

The Common Information Model (CIM) is an industry standard used for communicating information about system resources z/OS is updated to enable z/OS CIM server processing to run on the zIIP. The CIM client applications that use the CIM server on z/OS for system management, such as parts of the z Systems Capacity Provisioning Manager and parts of the z/OS Management Facility, can benefit.

OMEGAMON XE on z/OS for DASD scanning

The OMEGAMON XE Unit Control Block (UCB) DASD sampling scans, a process that can be done every 5 seconds and which executes in enclave SRB mode, can execute on available zIIPs.

OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert (and DB2 Performance Monitor) for normalizing DB2 for z/OS raw instrumentation data.

When the OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert/Performance Monitor V5.1 for DB2 Performance Monitor Near-term History (NTH) component is activated for the DB2 subsystem(s) that OMEGAMON is monitoring. NTH's data manager sub-component processing, which is executed in enclave SRB mode, will be directed to an available zIIP.

IBM offers SE at a lower price than General Processors/Central Processors because customers are authorized to use SEs only to process certain types and/or amounts of workloads as specified by IBM in the AUT.

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