XML System Services Support of zAAP and zIIP


For XML workloads, zAAPs may enable customers to:

With z/OS V1.10 and later, z/OS XML System Services validating and non-validating parse requests executing from TCB mode can be eligible for the zAAP. z/OS XML System Services (z/OS XML) is a system-level XML parser integrated with the base z/OS operating system starting with z/OS V1.8 and is designed to deliver an optimized set of services for parsing XML documents (z/OS XML System Services has also been made available on z/OS V1.7).

Beginning with z/OS V1.9, z/OS XML System Services validating parsing that was executing in TCB mode was made eligible for the zAAP. Many IBM applications use z/OS XML System Services and, as a result, can have portions of their workloads eligible for the zAAP or zIIP processor. The rules are summarized here:

Software that uses z/OS XML System Services for the following use cases
Subsystem Version IBM SDK for z/OS, Java 2 Technology Edition, V1.4, with PTF for APAR PQ86689
Non-validating parsing executing in TCB mode
Non-validating parsing in enclave SRB mode
Validating parsing

For example, DB2 9 utilizes z/OS XML System Services non-validating parsing for a portion of its SQL/ XML processing. For queries running locally on z/OS, XML data is inserted or updated, or when XML data is loaded into tables, DB2 9 invokes z/OS XML System Services (which exploits zAAP). The remaining DB2 9 XML processing is performed on general purpose CPs, Java-based stored procedures are eligible for zAAP. NOTE: DB2 10 utilizes z/OS XML System Services for both validating and non-validating parsing.

In addition, the IBM XML Toolkit for z/OS, V1.9 has been enhanced so eligible workloads can use z/OS XML System Services non-validating parsing. This means eligible XML Toolkit processing (for non-validating parse requests) can exploit the zAAP and also obtain improved performance. This function is available on the XML Toolkit for z/OS V1.9 with PTFs UA40707 and UA40708. IBM Enterprise COBOL V4.1 was also enhanced with a new XML parse facility that allows the optional use of z/OS XML System Services and the zAAP, when present.

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