System z Application Assist Processor (zAAP)

Prerequisites for Java zAAP exploitation

The System z Application Assist Processors (zAAPs) may be purchased and installed on the zEnterprise EC12 and zEnterprise BC12, zEnterprise, System z10, and System z9 servers. In addition, at minimum, z/OS 1.7 the IBM Solution Developers Kit (SDK) for z/OS, Java 2 Technology Edition, V1.4 with PTF (or later) for APAR PQ86689 and for WebSphere-based Java workloads, WebSphere Version 5.1 or later is required.

The following table outlines the subsystems and minimum Java levels dependencies for determining zAAP Java execution and exploitation potential.

Consider zAAP on zIIP

z/OS V1.11 and later has been enhanced with a new function that can enable System z Application Assist Processor (zAAP) eligible workloads to run on System z Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs). This function can enable you to run zIIP- and zAAP-eligible workloads on the zIIP.

See the following page about requirements for zAAP on zIIP zAAP on zIIP capability

This new capability does not remove the requirement to purchase and maintain one or more general purpose processors for every zIIP processor on the server. This part of the IBM terms and conditions surrounding the IBM System z specialty engines is unchanged.

See the following page about Intended future support for zAAP processors

 Minimum Java Levels for zAAP exploitation or determining zAAP execution potential
Subsystem Version IBM SDK for z/OS, Java 2 Technology Edition, V1.4, with PTF for APAR PQ86689
WAS 5.1 X
CICS 2.3 X
DB2® V7 X
DB2 V8 X
WBI Broker V5 X

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