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Compression acceleration

zEnterprise Data Compression (zEDC) for z/OS V2.1, running on z13, zBC12 and zEC12 with the zEDC Express feature, is designed to support a new data compression function designed for efficient, low-latency compression and improved cross platform communications.

The IBM Washington Systems Center (WSC) has created a sizing tool for use with zEDC, the IBM System z Batch Network Analyzer (zBNA). zBNA is a free, as-is tool that analyzes batch windows using SMF records to help determine if you have files that are candidates for zEDC. It can also help estimate the number of H/W features you will need.

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Shared Memory Communications - Remote Direct Memory Access (SMC-R)

SMC-R for z/OS V2.1, a new network protocol for z13, zBC12 and zEC12 with the 10GbE RoCE Express feature, is designed to provide low overhead communications helping to reduce both latency and CPU consumption--ideal for data transmission across processors.

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Flash Express

Flash Express is an innovative feature of the z13, zBC12 and zEC12, designed to improve availability during workload transition and paging spikes. It can enable faster snapshots of diagnostics with less interruption.

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IBM zAware

IBM zAware is an IT operational analytics firmware solution that helps you identify unusual system and application behavior in near real time, helping you to reduce the time to diagnose problems from hours to minutes. New on the z13 is support of IBM zAware for Linux on z Systems.

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IBM zBX and zManager

The IBM z BladeCenter Extension (zBX) is the infrastructure used by IBM z Unified Resource Manager (zManager) for extending z Systems governance and management capabilities across a set of integrated, fit-for-purpose POWER7 and IBM System x® compute elements. It can also house the IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI50 for zEnterprise (DataPower XI50z)

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Specialty Engines

Specialty engines are processors that can help users expand the use of the mainframe for new workloads, while helping to lower cost of ownership.

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Operating Systems

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