FICON Express8S - 2, 4, or 8 Gbps

The FICON Express8S features help you prepare your I/O infrastructure for the future. FICON Express8S continues the tradition of offering more capabilities with each new generation of FICON channel. The features were designed with the future in mind, while remembering the past, by supporting the data serving leadership of System z and enabling improved data access using High Performance FICON for System z (zHPF), as well as providing the ability to autonegotiate to the link data rates of 2 or 4 Gbps which may be required for existing infrastructures.

FICON Express8S:

FICON Express8S channels

Each zEC12, zBC12, z196, or z114 FICON Express8S channel has two channels (ports) per feature.

Each FICON Express8S channel has two possible modes of operation designed for connectivity to servers, switches/directors, disk, tape, and printers:

  1. CHPID type FC – FICON, zHPF, and channel-to-channel (CTC) traffic for the z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, z/TPF, and Linux on System z environments
  2. CHPID type FCP - Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) for attachment to SCSI devices for the z/VM, z/VSE, and Linux on System z environments

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