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The Destination z Web site (link resides outside of ibm.com) has launched. As a customer or business partner member, be sure to check out the exclusive content dedicated to the IBM System z platform, including Mainframe-related blogs, news, social media feeds and original articles.

You’ll also find areas of the site dedicated to IBM System z solutions, including the “Partners” section, which included a listing of IBM Mainframe solutions providers, ISVs and supporting members.

Destination z is a collaborative site dedicated to educating users on all things System z, so be sure to visit and post to the Destination z Forum (link resides outside of ibm.com).

System z Community

Connect with IBM and industry experts to learn more about IBM zEnterprise System offerings.

Enterprise systems skills for a Smarter Planet

Learn about zEnterprise talent for your business

Meet our members

Find new solutions on IBM Partnerworld

IBM System z Job Board (Link resides outside of ibm.com)

Connecting the mainframe community with students and experienced professionals seeking System z job opportunities

IBM Destination z

  • Visit the new community website, join the conversation, collaborate with others in our System z community, and enjoy the experience!

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