Disaster recovery tests are usually successful. People know well ahead of time when the test is, so they can make sure all procedures are updated and current. At the time of the test, all key personnel are at the recovery site, ready to go. But a real disaster is not a test. Procedures may not be current. Key people may have other priorities such as the welfare of their family, they can’t be reached or may not be able to get to the D/R site, or they may not have survived the disaster. GDPS is designed to remove people as a single point of failure in a real disaster by automating all the actions needed to recovery the business within your recovery time objectives.

GDPS automation includes not just managing the remote copy environment, but automation to manage the z Systems servers including invoking CBU, OOCUOD, and activation profiles, IPLing LPARs and responding to IPL messages, manage Sysplex couple data sets, and provide data consistency between z Systems data, distributed data, tape, and Coupling Facility structures.

The GDPS suite of products includes the following to meet your business requirements:

GDPS can be used to manage and provide data consistency not only for z Systems data, but also for any data on any platform. It is not only important that the z Systems data is consistent, it must be consistent with data across the heterogeneous environment. GDPS has several functions that allow this, including:

GDPS services include installation, customization, skill transfer, and configuration verification. They can also include project management to help keep the project on schedule, using the skills and knowledge developed with over 450 implementations.

More information on GDPS can be found in the GDPS web site at:

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