Disk failures

Providing for data backup has been part of I/T operations since its early days. Although today’s disk is much more stable that the disk devices 40 years ago and we rarely see “head crashes” any more, the need to provide back up data is still important. Reasons such as data migration, securing against logical data corruptions, protection from control unit failures, collecting accounting statistics, or providing for disaster recovery are still important. z Systems technology provides efficient backup and recovery capabilities through its copy services.

With the Copy Services functions, you can create backup data with little or no disruption to your application, and you can back up your application data to the remote site for disaster recovery.

Many design characteristics of the DS8000 and its data copying and mirroring capabilities contribute to the protection of your data, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24x7). The optional licensed functions of Copy Services are:

Flash Copy

Metro Mirror

Global Mirror

z/OS Global Mirror

Three-Site Solutions

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