Coupling Facility Configuration Options (PDF, 392 kb)
Learn how configuration options for the coupling facility can make the most of resource and data sharing with improved availability and performance.

Parallel Sysplex Clustering Technology (200 kb)
Spec sheet providing a general overview and the benefits of the IBM Parallel Sysplex clustering technology.

Value of Resource Sharing (319 kb)
zSeries Resource Sharing delivers immediate value even for customers who are not leveraging data sharing, through native system exploitation that comes with the base z/OS software.

FICON Extended Distance Solution (FEDS) (204 kb)
As businesses have grown, so have their requirements for bandwidth. Read how FICON Extended Distance Solution (FEDS) is the answer for those customers within 150 KM (90 fiber miles) of the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) who require high speed capacity for low cost.

Five Nines/Five Minutes - Achieving Near Continuous Availability (31 kb)
This paper looks at ways to balance workloads for business applications across multiple servers and achieve near continuous availability.

Download Console Performance Hints and Tips for a Parallel Sysplex Environment (10/03/02) (124 kb)

Download availabilty checklist (456 kb)

Parallel Sysplex Test Report
Integration Test experiences in a Parallel Sysplex environment written from the experiences of a systems programmer

z/Series Maintenance Suggestions to Help Improve Availability in a Parallel Sysplex Environment.
Planning a preventive maintenance process to help attain higher availability in a Parallel Sysplex and non-sysplex configurations. 

System-Managed Coupling Facility Structure Duplexing (PDF, 368 kb)
Find out how coupling facility duplexing can help you manage your Parallel Sysplex and improve recovery.

Parallel Sysplex Coupling Facility Dumps 
There are situations when a serialized dump of a coupling facility is required to diagnose an issue. The ability to disruptively collect a serialized coupling facility dump has always existed. A disruptive dump of a coupling facility requires the coupling facility to stop, dump and then restart. All of the structures in the coupling facility at the time of the disruptive dump were “lost” when the coupling facility restarted. With the z196, IBM enhanced first failure data capture (FFDC) with the introduction of the capability to take a non-disruptive serialized dump of a coupling facility (ND CF dump). For this type of dump, the CF image does not stop, is not restarted, and structures in the CF are not “lost.” This paper discusses Non-disruptive serialized dumps, system programmer action and how to initiate the dump.

ITSO Redbooks
The ITSO has created many Redbooks over the years describing Parallel Sysplex technology, installation, use, and management. These books are available for download.

PR/SM Planning Guide
Guide on setting up LPARs, including CFs and ICFs. If not registered, go to  ResourceLink Sign in

OS/390 and z/OS TCP/IP in the Parallel Sysplex Environment —Blurring the Boundaries (176 kb)
Discover how TCP/IP support for the Parallel Sysplex provides high availability for the TCP/IP stack and TCP/IP applications. Focus areas include VIPA (Virtual IP Address), load balancing, use of XCF among TCP/IP stacks, and TCP/IP enhancements that can leverage the Parallel Sysplex environment.

Many applications could leverage Dynamic VIPAs and Sysplex Distributor. This white paper gives examples of five IBM middleware products which leverage Dynamic VIPAs and Sysplex Distributor, or which may be deployed with these functions for enhanced availability and workload balancing.

GDPS (PDF, 728 kb)
Describes IBM's multi-site application availability solution called the Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) for disaster recovery.

Migration Planning for the 9037-002 Sysplex Timer (PDF, 602 kb)
This Redpaper provides the information required to successfully plan for the migration of 9037-001 Sysplex Timers to 9037-002 Sysplex Timers.

Removing a member from a Parallel Sysplex
This page describes the detailed instructions to remove a member from a Parallel Sysplex.

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