Sysplex Timer Licensed Internal Code Upgrade
The Sysplex Timer's Licensed Internal Code (LIC) has been upgraded to support using STP in a Mixed Coordinated Timing Network (CTN). The required Sysplex Timer LIC is shipped along with the STP feature, and must be installed by the IBM Service Support Representative prior to migrating from a Sysplex Timer based External Time Reference (ETR) network to any STP Coordinated Timing Network (CTN).

EC Levels and MCLs for STP support
z990, z890 and z9 servers and Coupling Facilities can be made STP-capable by installing required STP Licensed Internal Code (LIC). The LIC may be installed concurrently. After the MCLs are installed, the z990 and z890 become STP-capable servers. STP functions cannot be used until the STP enablement feature is installed.

No changes are necessary on System z10 and later servers to make them STP capable. The STP Feature code still needs to be ordered to make them STP enabled.

Enabling hardware feature for STP
Feature #1021 is required for your server or Coupling Facility to enable STP on your hardware. This is a chargeable feature for each server and Coupling Facility.

Feature #1021 provides the following.

Feature #1021 should be installed on any STP-capable server or Coupling Facility that will be used in a Mixed CTN or STP-only CTN. STP enablement LIC can be loaded without disruption to current operations. The loading of the enablement LIC is done via the server's Support Element.

Machine Change Levels (MCLs) are required. Descriptions of the MCLs are available now through Resource Link.

MCLs are designed to be applied concurrently. Contact IBM service personnel for further information.

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