The following table lists some possible CF structures and their function. This list is not all inclusive.

Subsystem Description Structure Type Benefits
BatchPipes Multi-system pipes List Performance
Catalog Enhanced Catalog Sharing List Performance
CICS DFHLOG - Logger List System Management
CICS DFHSHUNT - Logger List System Management
CICS FWD Recovery - Logger List System Management
CICS Temp Storage List Availability Performance
CICS Shared Data Tables List Performance
CICS Named Counter List Application management
DB2 SCA List Data sharing
DB2 GBP Cache Data sharing
DB2 IRLM LOCK Lock Data sharing
GRS Star
Shared Tape
Lock Performance
Reduced hardware
IMS IRLM LOCK Lock Data sharing
IMS VSO Cache Data sharing
IMS OSAM Cache Data sharing
IMS VSAM Cache Data sharing
IMS CQS List Data sharing
IMS CQS Logger List Data sharing
IMS CQS Logger (EMH) List Data sharing
JES2 Checkpoint List Performance
z/OS Operlog Logger List System management
z/OS Logrec Logger List System management
RACF ® Shared DB Cache System management
RRS Logger List Performance
DFSMS HSM Common Recall Queue List Performance
DFSMS RLS Cache Cache Data sharing
DFSMS RLS Lock - IGWLOCK00 Lock Data sharing
VTAM Generic Resources List Dynamic transaction routing
VTAM MNPS List Availability
Websphere MQ Administration List Availability
Websphere MQ Application List Dynamic transaction routing
WLM IRD Cache Performance
System Management
WLM Enclaves List Performance
System Management
XCF Signaling List System Management

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