Workload and systems management


As IBM hardware and operating system technologies have evolved, a set of comprehensive and effective management solutions have been developed to provide IT professionals with the ability to better monitor, manage and automate the on demand data center environment.

In addition, the ability to support multiple applications has led to the development of intelligent workload management techniques, designed to dynamically reallocate system resources between applications quickly and efficiently, according to the priorities of the business.

Why IBM mainframe for workload and systems management?

An on demand business is likely to experience significant fluctuations in workload levels, both on a short term and long term basis. It is important that your server has the flexibility to adapt to changing capacity requirements affordably, on a timely basis and without the need to stop the server to make changes. The System z servers include a set of capabilities designed to achieve this.

IBM has made available flexible software license charging for many of its software products providing a "pay for what you use" approach, enabling you to pay software charges that correspond to your typical peak capacity usage rather than the total capacity of the server. When you need extra capacity to meet unusual workload spikes, you would then only pay those extra IBM variable software charges for that capacity for the period in which you used it.

However, when you have a growing business it is likely that there will come a time when you need more capacity than you had currently purchased. System z servers include a set of technologies that enable additional capacity to be deployed in a non-disruptive manner for servers that are not fully configured. In many cases, System z servers are shipped to customers with more processors installed on the server than the customer had purchased the right to use. Once you have outgrown the existing processors purchased, you can then purchase the authorization to use additional processors which can be enabled dynamically without interruption to existing operations. These additional processors can also be activated for short periods to accommodate short term peaks such as year-end processing.

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