In Version 3.11, GDPS has been enhanced with a number of new capabilities that address improved cross-platform support, enhanced availability, increased scalability, and simplified systems management. In addition, GDPS can now support a four site configuration with the release of GDPS/Four Sites Symetrical Metro Global Mirror. This capability allows 4 copies of data to be managed by GDPS across sites in a production region and a disaster recovery region, provides the ability to switch between regions, and provides customers with both high availability and disaster recovery in both regions. 

Detailed description of GDPS V3.11 enhancements can be found here (PDF, 117KB).

GDPS V3.10 Enhancements

Detailed description of GDPS V3.10 enhancements can be found here (PDF, 174KB).

GDPS V3.9 Enhancements

Detailed description of GDPS V3.9 enhancements can be found here (PDF, 136KB).

GDPS active-active continuous availability

GDPS active-active continuous availability (GDPS/A-A) is the next generation of GDPS and a fundamental paradigm shift for near continuous availability solutions. GDPS/A-A combines the best attributes of the existing suite of GDPS offerings and expands it to allow customers to achieve unlimited distances between their data center sites and achieve the recovery time objectives of 1 minute or less previously only available in a metro area solution.

GDPS/A-A is two or more sites, separated by unlimited distances, and having the same data, with cross-site workload monitoring and balancing. Full GDPS/A-A is planned to be delivered over time. The first configuration was the Active/Standby configuration which was made available in June 2011. GDPS/A-A has been enhanced and updated to include a new configuration called Active-Query.  In addition to all of the function that the previously announced Active-Standby configuration provides, customers will now be able to use the IT capacity in their secondary sites for query (read only) transactions, thus exploiting a new workload balancing capability.

More information on GDPS / A-A can be found in announcement 613.033 .

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