Installation Services Prerequisites for GDPS / PPRC
Generally supported release of z/OS or z/OS.e
Generally supported release of IBM Tivoli Netview
Generally supported release of IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS
Storage Subsystems with PPRC CGROUP Freeze/Run support
Multisite Base or Parallel Sysplex (1)

 Note 1: Certain GDPS configurations may not require a cross-site sysplex.

 Optional - Prerequisites for GDPS / PPRC Multiplatform Resiliency for System z support
Generally supported release of z/VM
Linux on System z
Generally supported release of IBM Tivoli System Automation for Mulltiplatforms
IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms XDR for Linux on System z

 Optional - Prerequisites for GDPS FlashCopy support
Storage subsystems with FlashCopy support

 Optional - Prerequisites for GDPS Open LUN support
IBM Tivoli Netview for z/OS V5.1 (or higher)
Storage subsystems with support for:
a CKD utility device (i.e. CKD LSS) on the disk subsystems that house the distributed LUNs.

 Optional - Prerequisites for GDPS HyperSwap
Storage subsystems with Extended CQUERY support
PPRC Failover/Failback support required for additional HyperSwap performance for planned swaps and to avoid initial copy following an unplanned swap

 Optional - Prerequisites for GDPS DCM for Veritas Cluster Server
Veritas Cluster Server HA/DR 5.0 package or higher.
Tivoli NetView for z/OS V5.2 or higher
Distributed server hardware, the operating system release and service levels supported by Veritas Cluster Server

Currently supported releases of Tivoli products can be found in:

Currently supported releases of z/OS and z/OS.e can be found in:

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Operating Systems

IBM System z supports multiple operation systems:


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