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Green IT discussions related to power and cooling continue to be part of any IT budget planning. IBM System z servers can help take better control of energy usage in the data center, System z is one of the strongest platforms for a green IT agenda.

As environmental concerns raise the focus on energy consumption. IBM zEnterprise 196 (z196), for example, with increased capacity and number of available processor cores per server, and with reduced energy usage and floor space, makes a perfect fit for Green IT when doing large-scale consolidations of distributed workloads.

The z196 is extremely energy efficient — save up to 75 percent on energy costs compared to x86 alternatives1; and the more you grow your workload inside a z196 machine, the greater your energy savings. The outstanding z/VM virtualization capabilities can support up to 50 distributed servers on a single core, up to thousands on a single system, resulting in a greener IT. For Linux workloads on z196, up to 60% more performance at 35% lower price delivering a virtual Linux server for under $1 day2.

Beside the virtualization technologies, energy efficiencies were achieved through advances in microprocessor design, 45nm silicon technology, more efficient power conversion and distribution, as well as advanced sensors and cooling control firmware that monitors and makes adjustments based on environmental factors such as temperature and humidity levels and even air density.

The z196 has a water cooled option that can reduce energy use by up to 12% and offers energy savings without compromising performance. There is an option for high-voltage dc, and the top exit I/O cabling option can improve flexibility in the data center by helping to increase air flow in a raised-floor environment.

The zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager provides monitoring and trend reporting of energy efficiency for the entire heterogeneous infrastructure. New static power savings mode allows for turning off engines that are not being used. New query max potential power helps when doing total data center energy use management. There is value in reducing wattage and power across the entire data center and zEnterprise offers solutions that can help on green IT.

"The new zEnterprise paves the way to enhance the energy dynamics of our data centers. As one of America's greenest banks we plan to take full advantage of the additional capacity and advanced power and cooling capabilities unique to zEnterprise,” said Martin Kennedy, Managing Director, Citi's Enterprise System Infrastructure.

The new zEnterprise System is the most powerful and energy-efficient System z “Green IT” server ever.

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