A four-digit feature code is used to specify a component that is configurable in the IBM configurators, the eBusiness Configurator (eConfig) and the IBM Web-based Hardware Configurator, used in US and Canada. Options that do not have feature codes cannot be integrated by IBM into a system using these IBM configurators. To purchase options separately, refer to the option part number provided in this document.

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Notes: (reference the following graphic):

  1. Each device usually comes with a power cord. The PDU requires the power cord to have an IEC 320-C14 plug. Order 39Y7932(14ft) if appropriate cord is not provided with the device.
  2. Each PDU comes with or requires a country-specific power cord.
  3. P/S = Power Supply.
  4. One 2m internal rack power cable provided with DPI Rack PDU.
  5. Devices with C20 power inlets require C19 to C20 power cords.
  6. Option 39Y7938 provides a C13 to C20 power cord to attach normal devices with C14 power inlets directly to Front-end, Enterprise C19, or High Density PDUs.
  7. UPS uses a country-specific line cord or has a terminal block requiring an electrician to connect to power source.
  8. Line cord provided with Front-end PDU.

Attention: Customers are responsible for providing a dedicated circuit for each line cord protected with an appropriate circuit breaker.

Sample Power Configuration:

Figure 1.

Figure  1.

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Figure 2.

Figure  2.

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Figure 3.

Figure  3.

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23 June 2015