IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis (8721)


A four-digit feature code is used to specify a component that is configurable in the IBM configurators, the eBusiness Configurator (eConfig) and the IBM Web-based Hardware Configurator, used in US and Canada. Options that do not have feature codes cannot be integrated by IBM into a system using these IBM configurators. To purchase options separately, refer to the option part number provided in this document.

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SBB number Option number Feature code Description
49Y3265 43W9049 A0UD IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis 2500W Power Module
47C7632 - A3JH IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis 2100W Power Module
Power Distribution Units
- 46M4140 - IBM 0U 12 C19/12 C13 50A 3 Phase PDU
- 46M4167 - 1U Switch. and Monit. PDU 9 C19 / 3 C13 3ph 30A fixed 4.3m L21-30P.
- 46M4134 - IBM 0U 12 C19/12 C13 Switched and Monitored 50A 3 Phase PDU
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
- 46M4110 - IBM LCD UPS Network Management Card
Console Connectivity
- 172317X* - 1U 17in Flat Panel Console Kit
Associated Options
00AK140 - A4X4 UM KVM Module VGA+SD Dual RJ45
Cat5e Cables
40K5564 - 3802 1.5m Blue Cat5e Cable
40K5792 - 3799 10m Green Cat5e Cable
40K8868 - 3800 25m Green Cat5e Cable
40K8926 - 3804 10m Blue Cat5e Cable
40K8929 - 3805 25m Blue Cat5e Cable
40K8932 - 3791 0.6m Yellow Cat5e Cable
40K8935 - 3792 1.5m Yellow Cat5e Cable
40K8936 - 3803 3m Blue Cat5e Cable
40K8939 - 3794 10m Yellow Cat5e Cable
40K8941 - 3795 25m Yellow Cat5e Cable
40K8949 - 3801 0.6m Blue Cat5e Cable
Fiber Cables
13N1942 - 3703 1m LC-LC Fiber Cable
13N1943 - 3704 5m LC-LC Fiber Cable
13N1944 - 3705 25m LC-LC Fiber Cable
Rack Power Cables
26R0244 - 6252 2.5m, 16A/100-240V, C19 to IEC 320-C20 Rack Power Cable
39Y5544 - 6292 2m, 16A/100-250V, C19 to IEC 320-C20 Rack Power Cable
Line Cords
00D1246 - A2Y3 4.3m, US/CAN, NEMA L15-30P - (3P+Gnd) to 3X IEC 320 C19 Line Cord
39Y5565 40K9772 6275 4.3m, 16A/208V, C19 to NEMA L6-20P (US) Line Cord

* IBM has withdrawn this product from marketing.

8 April 2014