A four-digit feature code is used to specify a component that is configurable in the IBM configurators, the eBusiness Configurator (eConfig) and the IBM Web-based Hardware Configurator, used in US and Canada. Options that do not have feature codes cannot be integrated by IBM into a system using these IBM configurators. To purchase options separately, refer to the option part number provided in this document.

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IBM system management solutions allow you to run your business-critical applications using innovative hardware technology that prevents most outages and recovers rapidly from the few that do occur. This technology makes System x simpler to service and easier to manage.

This section shows the available range of standard and optional system management processors and describes the features and configuration process for each. This section further demonstrates how these service processors can be interconnected to form a communication network for alerting and monitoring a wide range of system functions and hardware conditions.

ISMP Integrated System Management Processor
BMC Baseboard Management Controller
RSA II Remote Supervisor Adapter II
RSA II SL Remote Supervisor Adapter II Slimline
ASMIC Advanced System Management Interconnect1


  1. An advanced system management interconnect network is for interconnectivity of legacy service processors and/or RSA IIs with one RSA II serving as the gateway to the customer LAN routing alerts and management functions. Service processors that can support an ASM network are: Remote Supervisor Adapter II, Remote Supervisor Adapter, Integrated Systems Management Processor, Advanced Systems Management PCI Adapter and the Advanced Systems Management Processor.

19 May 2015